Sunday, 19 January 2020
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Inattentive Cesenati, Ravenna takes advantage of it and wins the three points at stake

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The Romagna derby returns between San Zaccaria now Ravenna Woman and Castelvecchio now Cesena FC; the race starts under a light but steady rain, immediately the landlords dangerous to 11 ° with a great shot from outside the Montecucco area flies Pacini and deflects in the corner.

Cesena forward at 22 'Rossi's free-kick from the right rejects the shot Copetti resumes Casadei, kicks first and still the extreme Ravenna deviates in the corner.
Porcarelli, minute 25 'takes the ball in midfield skips two defenders and from outside the area leaves a shot without too many ambitions, para Copetti on the ground.
A minute later the home team took the lead thanks to a half-blunder Cesenate defense that gives the ball to the edge of Montecchio which pounced against Pacini piercing it.
Dangerous guests at 32 '; Battistini descends like a train on the right, a ball to Porcarelli who sees and serves Nagni great shot of the latter and the ball is deflected for a corner.
Big chance x Mister Gozi's team at the 36 'goes away Rossi on the left wing reaches the height of the cros flag in the middle on the ball Pastore who misses the target and sends incredibly over the crossbar.

Network failed network suffered; a minute after another blunder of the Juventus defense with a slow pass at Pacini, the goalkeeper comes out in avalanche and extends Cimatti. Penalty kick on the ball the same bomber that does not miss and brings the Ravenna on 2-0.

The Cesenate team tries to reorganize the rows, but every time the Ravenna approaches the area the defense dances a bit 'too much.

Cesena more incisive at 42 '; launch of Carlini for Casadei this free Guidi who kicks but the ball comes out abundantly.

Still the bianconere forward a minute later; good action deep with a quick exchange between Nagni Pastore with the final shot of the latter, the defense deflects in the corner.
The 1 'time ends on the result of Ravenna 2 Cesena 0, with the landlords who took advantage of the dark moments of Cesena and Cesena almost fearful defense.

Resumption, 47 'closes the game the Giallorossi team; Carrozzi receives on the right wing a cross (wrong) in the area and the bell ball ends behind Pacini who can not intervene.
Cesena in the doll, but try to set up some action like the 49 'with the omnipresent Porcarelli, receives the ball from Casadei and makes a shot from the edge, Rejects Copetti ball Pastor who alone in the penalty area tries to kick but is stretched out, the Race director incredibly makes a sign of continuing to play.
52 'another foul carried out at the edge of the Ravenna area beats Porcarelli, launch in the area for Guidi Zani and Pastore but none of the three manages to get on the ball.
62 'beats more free-kick from outside the box Guidi rejects five heads and sends a corner.
The Cesenate team took courage and attacked head-on towards the door of Ravenna which defends itself as best it can. Minute 66 'another free kick with a flinger of Battistini that ends high on the crossbar.

Now it is a boarding in the middle of the Ravenna field; Cuciniello launches Pastore this takes the ball cross for Porcarelli who steals the ball and leans it on Rossi missile to the side of a nothing.
Press Cesena for the flag network that arrives at 75 '; Beleffi from the edge kicks the ball through the entire penalty area going to shave the right pole of Copetti ending in the network leading the team on 3 1.

Last action at 90 '; drops ball to foot Battistini exchanges with Zani who gives him the ball goes into the area from the left leaves a missile that comes out of a nothing by touching the left post of Copetti.
A good race ends with the result of 3 at 1 for Ravenna; a time for one the first at Ravenna and the second for Cesena. The race is all here with two Cesena disattections and a Sunday gollazzo.

Markers: 26 'Montecucco (R), 37' Cimatti rigor (R), 47 'Carriages (R), 75' Beleffi (C).
Ammonite: 56 'Five (R) .-

Copetti, Cinque, Cameron, Carrozzi (61 'Rays), Greppi, Collini, Barbaresi, Filippi, Cimatti, Montecucco, Burbassi (85' Pelloni) .-
At the disposal of Cicci, Giovagnoli, Bouby, Amadori.-
Roberto PIRAS coach

Pacini, Cuciniello, Battistini, Guiducci, Nagni (60 'Beleffi), Carlini, Rossi (46' Zani), Pastor, Guidi, Casadei (75 'Muratori), Porcarelli.-
Available to Ceki, Amaduzzi A., Amaduzzi M, Vicini.-
Elvio GOZI coach
San Zaccaria (RA) 28 October 2018

Franco Scolozzi Press Officer Cesena FC Female

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