Friday, January 24 2020
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The San Marino Academy reached on par from Ravenna

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The last pre-season test of the San Marino Academy ends in a draw, which impacts 2-2 in the prestigious friend held in the presence of the Ravenna Women - Serie B team. It all happens in the first part of the game, with goals and chances to both parts. The Titans immediately took the lead on the third lap of the hand: Baldini from the bottom puts in the middle of the area where Menin takes advantage of a defensive error to beat Coppetti from two steps.

The draw of the Ravenna comes thanks to a trip from the distance of Philippi, which first slams against the cross then grabbing into the network of the impolite Montanari. The biancoazzurre play openly and go forward again: Menin is spread in the area by a defender getting a penalty. From the eleven meters the former Baldini pierces the biancorosso's extreme defender, scoring the score on the 2-1.

The response of the Ravenna Women is in the support of Carrozzi from outside the area on which Montanari is exalted foiling corner. From one of the following corner kicks come the draw with a touch sub-measure in the melee of Filippi that strikes a closer distance. In the second half Cimatti touched the target with a low shot to the side of a little, so the dangerous cross-draft of Rigaglia crosses the whole area without any of the companions able to reiterate in goal.

The best opportunity for the San Marino Academy is for Piergallini, who steals the ball and kicks to the door to find the great goalkeeper's save, decisive in deflecting for a corner. At two minutes from the triple whistle the last occasion for Ravenna with Burbassi that exceeds Montanari output with a soft touch, but a few meters from the goal line is providential intervention in Montalti slip to save a goal and formalize the goal definitive 2-2.


Coppetti; Bouby (from the 46 'Five), Cameron, Greppi, Colini; Carrozzi, Raggi, Barbaresi, Filippi (from 78 'Benelli); Cimatti, Burbassi
Coach: Roberto Piras


Montanari, Paganelli (from 60 'Nicolini), Micciarelli (from 78' Innocenti), Venturini, Montalti; Costantini, Rossi (from 50 'Lanotte), Prenga; Menin (from 46 'Barbieri), Baldini (from 50' Piergallini), Rigaglia (from 78 'Bianchi)
Available: Cascapera, Casali, Deidda, Pozzi
Coach: Alain Conte

Markers: 3 'Menin, 20' and 41 'Filippi, 33' rig. Baldini

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