Wednesday, 22 January 2020
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Grifone Gialloverde: two scholarships with the project 'another football is possible'

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Rossella Tata and Giorgia Pagano promoted to the high school exam!
Many times one wonders about the difficulties in combining competitive sports with the study and school commitments in general. In fact, more and more often, football leads, and sometimes forces, many athletes and athletes to neglect or even abandon education in the hope, then almost always in vain, of a career as a player that can make up for the need to study in the future. and to train in a profession. Nothing more wrong, especially in amateurism!

The Grifone GialloVerde, always very attentive to education that considers priority but synergistic and integrated with sports training for educational purposes, puts in the field of important initiatives for its members on which it invests first as people and then as players and players. Among these, as part of the project ANOTHER FOOTBALL IS POSSIBLE, this year two scholarships were awarded to deserving girls, the members Rossella Tata and Giorgia Pagano, to recover a year of high school lost in the past also due to pressing sports commitments.

Giorgia and Rossella have taken advantage of this great opportunity and redeemed themselves by attending jointly the 4 ° and 5 ° year i at the Istituto Privato Majorana School of Rome, successfully graduating from the graduation exams by private students.

An important result, obtained with all costs borne by the Association thanks to the project partially funded by the Terzo Pilastro Foundation - Italy and the Mediterranean.
For the occasion we collected the impressions of the two yellow-green girls.

Rossella Tata: "Passing the matriculation exam was something very important for me. I am aware that it is one of the first goals that a young person can and must achieve and I would certainly like to continue a path of study and training that can launch me into the world of work. I thank the Society all through this wonderful project has made all this possible. Another thanks to the Dean of the Majorana Institute Giuseppe Finamore "

Giorgia Pagano: "It is a great personal satisfaction to have obtained the diploma. It is never easy to combine training and study but we succeeded because we wanted to redeem ourselves after last year's rejection. What can I say I am very happy and satisfied and I join Rossella's thanks, saying thank you all from the Company to the Dean Finamore. "

Words of satisfaction and happiness those of the girls who also focused on the uniqueness of the initiative.
Tata: "I definitely want to continue playing here at the Griffon, behind us we have a strong club, attentive to all of us and this initiative shows that not only follow us on the pitch but also outside. It is rare, if not very rare, to find a company that can support you in a scholastic and educational path and invest first on the people and then on the players. "

Giorgia Pagano: "I had already decided to stay with this shirt and my renewal had been made official, but I want to reiterate that this is a truly unique company to which today I have one more reason to say thank you."

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