Friday, November 15 2019
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Alexandria - Luserna Primavera

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Alessandria - Luserna 2 - 4

At the former barracks camp on stage the ACF Alessandria match against Luserna San Bernardo on a windy and cold day because the sun, which lit up the sky all morning, fled at the beginning of the game; fortunately the pitch held well after Saturday's flood.

The landlords begin by pressing with some assaults in the first few minutes, showing that they wanted to redeem themselves from the result of the first round game, which had seen the 5 riders winning at 1.
At 11 'on the developments of a corner kick is Masu that head swells the network behind Minea, taking advantage of the Luserna.
At the 15 'Marenco from the flag forced Prundeanu to intervene with his fists.
At the 17 'Accoliti is trying with a diagonal, but the ball slips out.
At 18 'Prundeanu steals ball from Acolytes feet.
At 22 'free kick from a good position for Alessandria, Luison pretends to take charge of the shot, but Porcella intervenes that impacts the barrier.
At the 24 'Luison shoots a central free-kick for Prundeanu.
At the 33 'corner of Marenco that finds the head of the current Zecchino, the ball ends high.
At 35 ', after 30 seconds from the entrance to the match, Ippolito scored the doubling for Luserna.
The teams go to rest on the partial 0 to 2.
We start again with Zecchino who at the 5 'obliges Prundenau to intervene in two stages.
At the 7 ', exchange in front and Aimetti from the corner finds the head of Zecchino who moves away.
At the 19 'Luciano from the corner shoots the ball into the area, a defender of the Luserna slid sweeps the door, the ball on the rebound ends in the turmoil of the small area: the ball ends in the network and the Director of competition decrees the network in favor of Alexandria. The Grigionere girls did not rejoice, they did not rejoice and this confirmed the "feeling" of those outside the camp and positioned on the opposite side of the action sensed an authority of the Luserna, "feeling" confirmed at the end of the game.
At 23 'punishment from the edge of the area, kicked by Scarpelli, who throws under the intersection of the posts, bringing the result on 1 to 3.
At the 31 'Zecchino tries, but the ball slips to the side.
At 34 'De Lio shortens the distances and brings the landlords to a length from the opponents.
At the 42 'on the developments of a corner kick Brscic shakes the crossbar.
At 47 'Masu from free kick forced Minea to slash and send to the corner.
In full recovery, from the flag is Prencipe to kick the ball that is headed away from Porcella, Scarpelli exchanges with Prencipe who, with a low shot on the far post, bag behind Minea.
A few seconds and the Race Director whistles the end of the match on the 2 result to 4.

ACF Alessandria: Minea, Bertone, Loi (6 'st Luciano), Iberti (45' st Pironti), Porcella, Luison, Marenco (31 'st Cossu), De Lio, Capra, Zecchino, Acolytes. Available: Oddone, Ferrari. Coach: Barbesino

Luserna S. Bernardo: Prundeanu, Maino (34 'pt Ippolito), Capello, Archinà, Brscic, Ara, (25' st Gallerate), Baccino (1 'st Prencipe), Scarpelli, Aimetti, Masu, Scavone. Available: Rossetti, Pirozzi, Reggia. Coach: Dell'Aglio

Markers: Masu (L) 11 'pt; Hippolytus (L) 35 'pt; authorize Luserna19 'st; Scarpelli (L) 23 'st; De Lio (A) 34 'st; Prencipe (L) 48 'st

Ammonite: Luison (A), Iberti (A)

Race director: Arditi di Alessandria

Acf Alessandria Press Officer
Simona Borelli



Enrico Manassero
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