Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Cuneo - Pinerolo Primavera

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Stops the Serie A for the national team, to take the field this weekend was only the Primavera team, which at the summary of the Youth Park faced the Pinerolo.

A match that on the eve was a cause of concern, as the Turin-based 2-1 team unexpectedly imposed themselves on the outward line, despite the white and white boarding with two wrong penalties.
This time the Pinerolo showed up with some defections and the Cuneo proves to be a much more mature team than the first round and easily put another three points in the safe to always aim for the first place in the group. Even the red and white had some important absences with Bruno, Ferrero, Gallè and Alberti stopped in the pits.
To go first on the net was Capurro at 12 ', then at 18' doubled Giordano, at half hour captain Colombero and before the interval signed the 4-0 still Capurro.
In the second half the score was still Elected after just one minute of play and then Airola, Capurro, still Airola and finally, when there were two minutes left, Ferro.
After this victory, glances immediately on Wednesday at 20,30 (synthetic Youth Park) for the recovery of the derby against Musiello Saluzzo. In case of victory the Cuneo would only lead to the command.

Cuneo Women's Soccer: Evening, Papagna, Lovera, Landra (Pelosi), Oliviero (Pisu), Iron, Airola, Elected (Racca), Giordano, Colombero (Teixeira), Capurro. Coach: Gian Paolo Capurro.

Cuneo Women's Press Office

In the photo above: Marta Eletto
In the photograph below: Michela Giordano


Enrico Manassero
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