Monday, January 20 2020
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Spring avalanche spring with the Fulgor Canonica

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Gloomy weather in Canonica d'Adda where the Mozzanica is host of the Canonica Fulgor for the tenth day of the championship. One-way match with a Mozzanica that overwhelms the home team with a goal.
First half immediately with the biancocelesti, now in the yellow jersey, poured into the half field of Fulgor Canonica in search of the goal; the home team for the whole game tries to play with the high defense, but leaves plenty of room for the insertions of the bergamasche that are slipped repeatedly. Already at the 3 'the first signature; launch of Edoci for Colombo, who appears alone in front of the goalkeeper, overcomes him and deposits on the net. At the 7 'is the same Edoci receiving ball from Colombo just inside the area, dribbles and pulls on the far post of goalkeeper doubling.

The same Edoci one minute later is launched to the net by Salvi but only in front of the goalkeeper centers the intersection of the poles. At the 12 'is the turn of Salvi that fits into the area and mock the goalkeeper with a conclusion to the pole. At 18 'surprise the Fulgor Canonica scored the goal with a shot from outside the area Mazzoleni bypasses Giroletti slipping into the network behind him. The Mozzanica starts again with his head down and the 20 'is still in goal with Edoci receiving from Colombo, galloping from midfield and alone in front of the house he jumps and realizes. At 23 'Martella is to support the cross in the cross the ball crossed the far post by a free kick by Edoci. Still Edoci, at 29 ', receives ball from Valesi and concludes from outside the area by mocking the goalkeeper with a ball just under the crossbar. At the 32 'is Valesis who, on the cross from the right, hits flat to turn on the far post beating the home keeper again. At 37 'Columbus exploits a central Martella service and deposits on the net after missing the goalkeeper. At the 40 'insertion from the band Vicini, which leaves from within the area a fireball that is packed at intersections. First time that closes on the partial 9-1 with an absolute Mozzanica master of the field.

The recovery is reopened with the same score of the first, in fact, just a minute is Mandelli who realizes by supporting the ball rejected by the goalkeeper at the conclusion of Tassi. Again Mandelli repeats to the 5 'st. jumping the goalkeeper and depositing on the net. At the 6 'st. is Campana to go in goal; shot to palombella from the distance that is bagged under the crossbar. At the 9 'st. Salvi's network that receives at the limit by Mandelli and ends mocking the goalkeeper with a lob. A minute later Mandelli uses an indecision of a home defender and anticipates the goalkeeper, skipping it and finishing from a tight angle. At the 13 'st. ball inside Verzeletti for Salvi who flies towards the door, dribbles the goalkeeper and puts the ball in the net. Another action with the ball between the defensive links of the Canonica for the goal of Marchesi at 16 'st. . Mandelli brings their personal score to 4 'st. realizing from a close range with a header on Valesi's cross. At the 24 'st. Macchi hits the cross on a free kick. At the 33 'st. also Salvi brings his personal signatures to 40, rushing quickly to a rejected goal by the opposing goalkeeper. Closes at the 4 'st. Rates signing the definitive nineteenth goal for the Mozzanica.

Little to say about the progress of the race that saw the Mozzanica clearly higher than the home team. Good game plots, lots of goals and many wasted opportunities that could lead to a much heavier passive for Fulgor Canonica. The team of Zafferri comfortably wins the 3 points at stake.

Final result: Fulgor Canonica - Mozzanica 1 - 19.

CANONICA FULGOR: Gallani (19 'St. Chignoli), Mazzoleni (39' St. Pandolfi), Mantegazza, Cavagnoli, Arcaini, Agazzi, Effendi (10 'St. Panighetti), Pricci, Carlessi, Boschini (7' St. Stassi) , Mazzoleni. Available: Ganzarolli. All .: Saini.

MOZZANICA: Giroletti, Vicini (7 'St. Marchesi), Magni, Campana, Belussi, Verzeletti (28' St. Macchi), Salvi, Martella, Valesi, Edoci (1 'St. Tassi), Colombo (1' St. Mandelli ). Available: Resmini. All .: Zafferri.

MARKING: 3 'pt. Colombo, 7 'pt. Edoci, 12 'pt. Save, 18 'pt. Mazzoleni, 20 'pt. Edoci, 23 'pt. Martella, 29 'pt. Edoci, 32 'pt. Valesi, 37 'pt. Colombo, 40 'pt. Neighbors, 1 'st. Mandelli, 5 'st. Mandelli, 6 'st. Campana, 9 'st. Salvi, 10 'st. Mandelli, 13 'st. Salvi, 16 'st. Marchesi, 24 'st. Mandelli, 40 'st. Salvi, 42 'st. Taxi.

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