Friday, 15 May 2015
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Alexandria - Novese Spring

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Alexandria - Novese 4-1
Derby of the province staged at the former Casermette camp for the seventh day of the season, fortunately the weather conditions improved during the afternoon and allowed the game to take place in "dry" mode and also the field held up well, despite the heavy rains of the morning.
Large audience, sometimes noisy in a cheerful, noisy in other occasions harassing manner and inelegant, indeed some "fans" Biancocelesti have transcended.
Two small fans were present on the sidelines: a boy and a girl, the two sons of the Clerk of the Course who cheered for their mom, Women's Football is also this!
The game begins with a study phase, the first thrill to 10 'Giribaldi when it comes abundantly from large and slipped sends the ball for a throw, anticipating striker Novese.
At 17 'is Cossu who starts the scoring, unlocking the result.
They try to take the measurements of the De Lio door at 18 'and Luison the next minute, but without realizing it.
At the 20 'Alexandria is being attacked and the team is completely unbalanced forward, including the extreme defender, Capitan Rolando with cunning steals the ball in midfield, and disengages from the distance bag behind Giribaldi a nice lob.
At 22 'is Zecchino who grabs the advantage thanks to a powerful and precise shot.
In the 25 'a scrum in the host generates a beat and replies, the last to touch the ball is Gandini towards the goal, Giribaldi intervenes dive and deflect the ball for a corner.
Zecchino holds the team high and at the 26 he throws a ball close to the post.
At 27 'Iberti hires a nice duel with Mariano and steals the ball with skill and tenacity.
At the 32 'Giribaldi is forced to exit on a slip to wipe out a dangerous shot.
Again Zecchino tries the conclusion finding Placanica well positioned.
At the 38 'Luciano is that after a solitary gallop commits Placanica.
The teams go to rest on the result of 2 to 1.
The recovery sees the Grisonsere, convinced of their abilities, begin to press forcing the Novese in their own half: at 2 'Zecchino shoots the ball over the crossbar; at 5 'Luison has the ball slipped sideways to the post; all'8 'Marenco hooks the ball on the fly and turns it in the door, the ball goes out a little to the side; at 9 'Luciano obliges Placanica to intervene.
At 11 'De Lio with a precise pass serves Zecchino who takes aim and does not fail, signing his shotgun and bringing the result on 3 to 1.
Bertone at the 15 'from the rear arrives at the door and tries the conclusion, the ball touches the post.
At the 16 'Giribaldi intervenes on a tricky ball.
At 24 'in the Novese area a good challenge between De Lio and Licciardo, won by De Lio who manages to shoot at goal but does not worry Placanica.
At the 27 'Zecchino hooks a Marenco free kick on the fly, but the trajectory ends outside the mirror.
At the 29 'Marenco bags the ball behind Placanica with a deadly shot that whizzes through two defenders Biancocelesti bringing the result on 4 to 1.
At the 34 'Oddone, at his debut in the Spring Championship, test the conclusion finding Placanica.
At 40 'Minea fouls a free kick by Licciardo.
At the 41 'the Director of Competition decrees a penalty in favor of Alexandria, takes charge of Pironti kick, the trajectory is phone call and Placanica rejects the ball without holding it, the unstoppable Zecchino rushes trying to exploit the opportunity, but the ball ends on the sideline.
At the 43 'Giorgianni with a couple of feints manages to unmark and kick in the door forcing the goalkeeper of the Novese to intervene in the dive.
After 4 'recovery ends the game with the final result of 4 to 1.

ACF Alessandria: Giribaldi, (30 'st Minea) Bertone (20' st Giorgianni), Iberti, Porcella, Luison, Loi, Cossu (30 'st Oddone), Marenco, Luciano, De Lio (25' st Pironti), Zecchino. Coach: Barbesino

FCD Novese: Placanica, Pocket B, C. Tasca (12'st Pantry), Verdino, Bellani (14 'st Traverso), Gandini, Rolando, Licciardo, Mariano, Pinazzi (22' Great st), Barbugian (6 'Zampieri st). Coach: Fossati

Scorers: Cossu (A), Rolando (N), Zecchino (A) double, Marenco (A)
Race director: Teresa Cavaleri of Alessandria

Simona Borelli

Enrico Manassero
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