Monday, January 20 2020
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Spring, goal rain on Virtus Padova

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Venetian spring
Cinquina della Primavera by Mister Oscar Chies at Virtus Padova. Catinelle rain at the Municipal of San Fior, and five goals of exquisite workmanship that allow the mafaldine to have the better of the opposing patavine. He holds the opposing wall for half an hour, before Giovanna Coghetto's deadly one-two that paves the way for rossoblu's success, and sends the team into the locker room on the partial 2-0.
Swirl of changes in the second half for the rossoblu, without the game and compact team are affected in the slightest. Synonymous with all this, Mister Chies' growth project is forward and shared by all.

For the record, they score Righetto (double) and Modolo (after dribbling the opposing half defense)
(33 'and 40' Coghetto, 65 'and 70' Righetto 68 'Modolo)
Vittorio Veneto
1. Canzian 2. From Ros 3. Fattorel (65 'Cosaro) 4. Zanette 5. Tommasella 6. From the Col (80 'Mella) 7. 8 Sleeping Bag. 9 model. Coghetto (50 'Rati) 10. 11 ruler. Piccini (Franchi)
Virtus Padua
1. Lanza 2. Cinetto 3. Dido '4. Except for 5. Pavan 6. Piece (82 'Low) 7. Martignon 8. 9 piece. Celegato 10. Reduced 11. Bernardi

Giovanni Bolzan

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