Sunday, November 17 2019
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Alessandria - Cuneo Spring

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The third day of the Spring Championship provided that the Grisonsere meet Cuneo on the home court.
The first half begins with the landlords who press from the first minute forcing the Biancorosse in their half field, in fact already at the 1 'minute after a beat and rebels of the deed of Cuneo, De Lio takes possession of the ball and looks for the door, but finds the evening ready for intervention.
At 4 'De Lio is again to worry Serale, who is forced to take the slide to save the door.
At the 14 'Marenco takes charge of kicking the flag, Seral displaced dall'attaccione imprisonment leaves the door unguarded, comes in speed from the back Capra that shoots the ball high over the crossbar.
At 19 'Luciano, after freeing his markers, throws the ball into the goal, Serale gives the shot, but does not hold back; is De Lio who puts his first signing in the Spring Championship, in fact, with coldness, takes advantage of the ball escaped the extreme defender and marks the network of advantage.
At 33 'Bruno manages to get close to the penalty area dell'Alexandria, Bertone as always granite, unable to prevent the shot on goal, in fact, the ball ends at the bottom.
At 36 'a similar action develops on the opposite side with Airola very close to Capra who has the best in the duel.
At 37 'Accoliti offers a good assist to Cossu, the ball is not hooked and slips on the bottom.
At 40 'Giribaldi diving, ahead of Airola, unable to prevent kicking.
At the 41 'is Acolytes that marks the doubling for the girls of Mr. Barbesino, taking advantage of a moment of confusion of the defense of Cuneo.
The first half ends with ACF Alessandria leading 2 to 0.
The resumption of the match has more mild rhythms, at the 11 'Marenco crossa for Luison kicking the ball just outside the post.
At the 15 'Luison takes a free kick from a good position, the ball is easy to hold for Serale.
At 36 'Pironti from the edge of the area imprints a perfect trajectory to the free kick, finding the attentive goalkeeper.
At the 39 'Luciano from the flag displaces the evening that makes a dip to empty, no fraud can take advantage of the empty door and the ball in play.
The Director of competition decrees the end of the match on the result of 2 to 0.

ACF Alessandria: Giribaldi, Bertone, Capra, Iberti, Porcella, Luison, Cossu (28 'st Loi), Marenco, Acolytes (5' st Giorgianni), Luciano, De Lio (25 'st Pironti). Available: Minea. Coach: Barbesino

Cuneo: Evening, Lovera (34 'st Pisu), Teixera, Papagna, Ferrero, Ferro, Airola (5' St Giordano), Racca (32 'st Racca), Bruno, Colombero, Capurro (20' St Paciocco). Available: Hairy. Coach: Capurro

Race director: Arfini of Alessandria
Markers: De Lio (19 'pt); Acolytes (41 'pt)

Ammonite: Capurro (Cuneo)

Simona Borelli



Enrico Manassero
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