Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Football Area - Alessandria Primavera

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Alba Roero Soccer Area - Alessandria 0 - 3

Mister Barbesino's Grisonsere during the second day of the Primavera Championship faced, on the Mussotto field, the Alba Roero Soccer Area.
The first half begins with an outburst of De Lio who, after kick-off, takes possession of the ball and forces Perrone to exit.
At 4 'Porcella shoots a free-kick from the middle of the field directly in the mirror of the door, finding Perrone ready.
At 8 'Marenco is that, with a powerful shot low shot, unblocks the result bringing the ACF ahead.
At 11 'is Captain Cossu who invents a lob that plana under the crossbar and is doubled.
At the 18 'Luciano tries the personal conclusion, Perrone intervenes, but does not hold the ball, Captain Cossu of malice collects and hits the door, modifying the result in favor of the Grisonsere.
At the 20 'Luciano shoots from the flag, Bertone in the melee area has the better, but throws the ball sideways.
At 21 'Giribaldi saves the door from the insidious shot of Derbali.
At the 32 'Giribaldi in the diving steals ball to White preventing it to materialize.
At 43 'Perrone barred the door to Luison.
The teams go to rest on the result of 0 to 3.
The beginning of the second half is a photocopy of the first, in fact it is again De Lio starting, ball to the foot, but the shot is central and easy to hold for Perrone.
At 5 'Porcella served with a good assist Luciano who hooked the ball, but shoots him out the door.
At the 6 'Marenco from an optimal position, he threw the ball close to the crossbar.
At the 19 'cause injury due to a tense leg entry, De Lio is forced to leave the field supported by two companions.
At 22 'Accornero is responsible for kicking a free-kick from the edge of the area, Giribaldi neutralizes the attempt by grabbing the ball.
The game, from this episode until the end, calcistically speaking no longer gave emotions: unfortunately, nervousness prevailed in both teams, in fact we saw very little play on the ground, too many wasted balls, many interruptions and even constructive controversies.

Markers: Marenco (8 'pt); Cossu (11 'pt; 18' pt)
Ammonite: Marenco (ACF Alessandria); Luison (ACF Alessandria); Luciano (ACF Alessandria); Bertola (Alba Roero Soccer Area); Accomo (Alba Roero Soccer Area)

Alba Roero Football Area: Perrone, Musso, Accomo, Gasparini, Bertola, De Marinis, White (15 'st Ciravegna), Mirano; Palumbo (19 'st Licia); Accornero; Derbali; Available: Bosco. Coach: Morengo

ACF Alessandria: Giribaldi, Bertone, Giorgianni (5 'st Loi), Capra, Iberti, Porcella, Luison, Cossu, Marenco, Luciano, De Lio (19' st Pironti) Available: Minea. Coach: Barbesino

Race director: Barsotti of Asti



Enrico Manassero
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