Saturday, 25 January 2020
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Alessandria Primavera - Pinerolo Primavera

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Alessandria - Pinerolo: 4 - 0
Today the Spring Championship with the Grisonsere has started and they met Pinerolo FC on the home court.
It was a match of fairness and the desire to play and have fun.
At the former Casermette camp, a presence as unexpected as that of Mister Rita Guarino (coach of the National Women's Under 17), who watched the whole game and did not escape the ritual of the photos, to the delight of young players.
The first time begins with a phase of study by the two teams who try to take the measures.
XNXX 'Cossu tries a complicated but spectacular semi-inverted, with the ball that parades outside the post.
At the 20 'again Captain Cossu from good position looking for the door, but finds Cavalli intervening promptly.
At 27 'Giribaldi is called to intervene on foot, to ward off a dangerous ball.
At the 30 'Zecchino is a good ball on the feet, Cavalli is reactive but does not hold back the ball, Luciano comes with power that throws the ball behind the goalkeeper: 1-0.
At the 34 'Capitan Cossu serves acolytes that pierces Horses: 2-0.
At the 37 'Marenco shoots a bomb that comes out sideways from the mirror of the door.
The teams go to rest on the result of 2 to 0.
The resumption of the match is enlivened by the 9 'with Zecchino pulling from central position and the ball rolls under the goalkeeper in the dive: 3-0.
At 12 'a free kick from Pinerolo ends high over the crossbar.
At the 13 'Luison, with an impenetrable lob that crosses the goalkeeper and bagged under the crossbar, brings the result on 4 to 0.
At the 22 'Luciano indomita tries again, Cavalli saves the door.
At the 25 'Accoliti, after unmarking all the opponents, Marenco serves that throws the ball out of little.
At 27 'De Lio, not at all intimidated by his debut in the Primavera category and after some good gallops ball to the foot, framing the door finding Cavalli ready but does not hold the ball, is the same De Lio that hooks on the fly and retakes finding again the watchful goalkeeper.
At 30 'Marenco forces the Pinerolo's extreme defender in a complicated and spectacular dive parade.
At the end of the game both Mister declared themselves satisfied with the commitment and passion put in place by their girls.

ACF Alessandria: Giribaldi (35 'st Minea), Bertone, Capra (20' st Giorgianni), Iberti, Porcella, Luison, Cossu (26 'st Pironti), Marenco, Acolytes, Zecchino (13' st De Lio), Luciano (28 'st Loi). Coach: Barbesino

Pinerolo FC: Horses, Paira (14 'st Muccio), Ascoli (1' st Ponzio), Boaglio, Margaritora, Depretis (15 'st Zanfino), Apuzzo, Battaglia, Poppa, Iuliano, Rosano. Coach: Gianisella

Race director: Lanza di Alessandria
Markers: Luciano (30 'pt), Acolytes (34' pt), Zecchino (9 'st), Luison (13' st)
Ammonite: Marenco (ACF Alessandria); Luison (ACF Alessandria); Battle (Pinerolo FC)

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Enrico Manassero
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