Monday, January 27 2020
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An overwhelming Mozzanica hits Dreamers away

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Dreamers Mozzanica
The second day of the championship sees the Spring of Mozzanica guest at the municipal "G. Brera "by Pero in the Dreamers' house. Both teams are back from a victorious debut with a goal, eager to confirm to remain at full points.
The first time runs for about 30 minutes in balance, with the Mozzanica that tries to build but is often inaccurate in the last steps and conclusions. The Dreamers become dangerous in a couple of starts keeping the result in balance. The last 15 minutes of the first half saw the team of Zafferri find the right balance and in a matter of minutes realize with Edoci, Mandelli and again Edoci closing the first fraction of the game on 3 0 for the mozzano.

The recovery reopens on the false line of the end of the first half, with the Mozzanica more convinced of their own means in every part of the field and the team of Dreamers in great difficulty to contain the attacks and baste some action to restart. Salvi brings the result on 4 0 with an excellent conclusion from outside the area at the beginning of recovery. Edoci with two other goals increases the result and brings to 4 his personal score and Mandelli closes the dance with a beautiful lob by signing the 7 0 final. Other important occasions and 3 clamorous crosses legitimize the superiority of the Bergamo who win, convince and take home the deserved 3 points up for grabs.

Final result: Dreamers - Mozzanica 0 - 7.

DREAMERS: Palacino (13 'St Curioni), Premoli, Barletta, Russo, Ponti, Mussari, Coppolecchia (30' St Destito), Torri, Sona (25 'St Bianchi), Chiellini (1' St Turiello), Palmieri (6 'St. Bellitto). All .: Garaffoni.

MOZZANICA: Resmini (34 'St Giroletti), Magni, Marchesi (19' St Vicini), Tassi, Verzeletti, Macchi, Martella (16 'st Valesi), Salvi (13' St Campana), Mandelli, Colombo, Edoci. All .: Zafferri.

MARKING MACHINES: 35 'pt. Edoci, 38 'pt. Mandelli, 42 'pt. Edoci, 6 'st. Salvi, 25 'st. Edoci, 30 'st. Edoci, 36 'st. Mandelli

Marco Salvi

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