Monday, January 27 2020
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The female Libertas president thanks the male Lucchese Libertas

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As president of female Libertas, I thank Lucchese Libertas for giving us the opportunity today to take the field before the men's race. For all my girls it was an emotional, unforgettable moment, which repays all of us all the sacrifices made, but above all rewards my girls for the results they have achieved: in the first year of activity we won the Giovanissime Championship, we got the promotion in series C with the first team and we have gained access to the national stages in the Juniores championship;

so today is the culmination of the work done throughout the season and I thank not only the company but also all the insiders and in particular the Press Office of Lucchese Libertas, which made all this possible.
I'm sorry to note that the coach of the other female team of Lucca, rather than being happy for the whole movement (because today the whole movement has had so much visibility), you think more than anything else to write on Facebook untrue post; the planning of the Lucchese youth football and above all of the partnership of the male team is something strongly desired by Elena Bruno, who had previously been a club with the other team and today we are very happy to have her with us. I have no intention of making controversy, we enjoy this day of celebration, I just want to remember that for us the good of women's football goes beyond any flag, so I invite everyone, when there are such events, to be happy just as we were happy when the other team from Lucca was able to get salvation in Serie B.
Long live female football, live female Libertas and force Lucchese.

Gianni Nannini
Female Libertas President

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