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The San Marino Academy beats Perugia and wins the round of 16 of the Italian Cup

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The second consecutive trip to the Antistadio of Renato Curi of Perugia proved to be what everyone expected: a completely different meeting than last Sunday's great success (0-5) and in which the red and white hosts, motivated artfully by Paolo Damiani, they put forward aggressiveness and dynamism right away - intending to redeem the previous slip and set a U-turn with respect to a season start-up lacking satisfaction -.

Once again the San Marino Academy approaches to the big, repeatedly touching the advantage in the first minutes, but they also reiterate the poor cynicism in front of goal. Thus the meeting, which was unlocked in the fifteen minutes of Giulia Baldini's display of opportunism - on the second goal of the season - remains open to every scenario and even more so after Piselli's winning diagonal that a few seconds before the break re-establishes the parity.

It was said of untapped opportunities: at the 4 'the second corner for the guests, usually entrusted to the soft right of the great former Azzurra Principi, triggers a pinball in the penalty area where the ball stuck by Di Luzio squirts twice towards the door of Bayol - cut off from a revisable exit - but does not want to know to enter. As a manual, then the combination started by the launch of Montalti and corrected by Principi, which frees Baldini's race; the Romagna side converges towards the center of the penalty area and with a beautiful left-footer forces Bayol to overtime, before Di Luzio shoots out the complicated tap-in.

This solution will be a winner for Baldini seven minutes later, even when Venturini had already tasted the hypothesis of advantage by throwing himself acrobatically on a punishment by Principi - a breathtaking parade on the side of the Bayol riser -. The extreme of the house fails to put a piece in the action that generates the San Marino advantage, starting from a fortuitous rebound following the initiative of Innocenti and which ends up launching Di Luzio in depth: the Lombard striker is good at burning Ferretti to propose a ball as a trailer that Bayol is unable to remove, leaving it in the availability of Baldini who, with a touch of pure opportunism, runs the round ball at the bottom of the Perugian bag.

The most seems done and the San Marino Academy goes in search of doubling to close the meeting and speech qualification: at the 17 'Di Luzio tries with little precision, then the same class tip' 99 - triggered by the magnificent launch of Francesca Larocca - introduces itself in front of Bayol, who closes the mirror with a desperate and courageous exit.

Perugia's reply is entrusted to Peas, who makes the general rehearsal of the goal at the 38 'coming to conclude from the edge of the area with a right that Montalti providentially slips impacting and guaranteeing Montanari a simple grounding. The Romagna extreme can not do anything when the duel is renewed: it runs the minute 44 'and a nice maneuver of the Perugian offensive - precise and patient - it opens to the verticalization for Peas that cuts behind the direct marker to beat with precision to the corner. Right diagonal that blocks the base of the pole and restores the balance on the playing field with which you re-enter the locker room.

The result would still allow the San Marino Academy to pass the pass for the first knockout round of the women's Italian Cup, by virtue of the white-blue success on Cesena (3-0 at the table) and the subsequent draw between Romagna and Perugia (2-2). It goes without saying, however, that the situation, especially in terms of inertia and mental charge, is now decidedly more complicated for Alain Conte, who confirmed the 4-2-3-1 tailor-made for the qualities of its players, giving minuteness to those who so far he had found less space and in any case he performed well in the first part of the game.

The second one is instead more angular and nervous, where the San Marino Academy tries to make the game despite having difficulty in freeing the direct conclusion to Bayol's door - very attentive and very ready to come out -. So the first jolt to the public of the Antistadio by Renato Curi is given by the landlords, with the punishment from the trocar of Tuteri that neither Fiorucci nor Peas manage to impact for a matter of centimeters. Similar result for the beautiful Fiorucci turn which, using the throw-in in Bortolato, proposes a poisonous ball in the center of the area that no partner can impact.

At the 60 'Rigaglia sees himself again in the field, bruised after the second winning time on Vittorio Veneto: the Sicilian striker, among the main protagonists of the ride that led the San Marino Academy in Serie B, tries to 74' on a free-kick won by Baldini, but the right does not lower. Previously the launch was splendid to unmark Greta Di Luzio, who lacks cynicism in front of Bayol and ends up kicking the potential 3-1 ball against the home goalkeeper. Shortly thereafter, it is another initiative by Rigaglia to propitiate an opportunity for the San Marino Academy: his flight to the right generates a cross that Bayol rejects with his fist on Costantini's feet. The midfielder, substituted in Brambilla's second half, charges the right-footed from the 20 meters but shoots to safety.

Big dangers for Montanari's door are not noticed, despite the result situation in the balance contributes to keeping the tone of the meeting heated - competitive. Di Luzio tries to head us over to the 78 ', sending the side punishment kicked by Princes just above the crossroads. Excited the finale, in which the nervous charge plays a bad joke to Rosmini and Di Luzio: the two, having come into contact on a loose ball on the median, end up exchanging reciprocal misconduct and Deborah Bianchi from the Prato section - on the recommendation of the second assistant - shows them the way to the locker rooms. There will be no Coppa Italia eighths for either of them.

Notably Greta Di Luzio, given that after four minutes of recovery, the race director decrees the end of hostilities: Perugia-San Marino Academy ends with the 1-1 score, a result that qualifies the Titans in the knockout phase of the Italian Cup - at his first participation -. During the week the draw that will match the four group winners of the Preliminary Round with the twelve Serie A teams, which debut at this level of the competition. The first eight classifieds of the Serie A 2018-19 Championship will be designated as seeded on the scoreboard and will not be able to compete against each other in this phase, also disputing the away match. The race - in a single solution - will take place on the next 11 December and for the San Marino Academy there will be the certainty of a challenge of great luster and extraordinary blazon.

PERUGIA [4-4-2]
Bayol; Bortolato, Rosmini, Ferretti, Serluca; Di Fiore, Brozzetti (from 85 'Petasecca), Tuteri, Angori (from 78' Monetini); Fiorucci (from 9 'Bylykbashi), Peas
Available: Petrarca, Ceccarelli, Moscatelli, Marroccoli, Zelli
Coach: Paolo Damiani

Montanari; Larocca, Montalti, Venturini, Piergallini; Rossi, Brambilla (from 46 'Costantini); Baldini, Principi (from 90 '+ 2' Menin), Innocenti (from 60 'Rigaglia); Di Luzio
Available: Ciccioli, Deidda, De Sanctis, Micciarelli, Bianchi, Barbieri
Coach: Alain Conte

Referee: Deborah Bianchi di Prato
Assistants: Niroy Emilio Gookooluk of Civitavecchia and Alessandro Rastelli of Ostia Lido
Markers: 15 'Baldini. 44 'Peas
Ammonites: Angori, Di Fiore
Expelled: Rosmini, Di Luzio

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