Sunday, March 29 2020
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San Marino Academy: Saturday again in Perugia

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After a week, the San Marino Academy will return to visit Perugia, this time for the third day of the Coppa Italia group stage. At stake is the first position of Group C with qualifying for the first knockout round, where the winner of the next match on Saturday will certainly find an opponent of Serie A. The one between Perugia and San Marino Academy will in fact be a play-off, with the girls of Conte who - given the table victory over Cesena in the face of a draw between the Umbrian and the bianconere - will be able to make a "X" fit too.

Judging by the attitude with which they faced the last few races, however, it is hard to imagine that the Titans will be playing for savings. And this is confirmed by the words of Ilenia Rossi, who made his debut in the league on Sunday, entering the work in progress and giving his contribution in a second part of the race which, despite having already been achieved, saw the girls of Count push up to the final whistle.

Ilenia, in Perugia with what dominant thought? The qualification to reach or the fourth victory in a row?
Saturday will be a completely different game from the previous one. It's a challenge from inside or out. During the week we prepared well, working hard. We will always try to impose our game and our desire to win. Certainly the passing of the round would be a great satisfaction for the whole team.

The team is objectively in a period of great shape. Results and performance say it. A physical, mental, or combination of both ingredients?
I'd say it's a mix between these two factors. The great work we do in training has allowed us to reach a very good physical condition, which however, to produce results, needs an equally valid mental stability. We always put great attention and commitment under both these aspects and now we are reaping the benefits.

Your and your companions' entry into the field on Sunday has even raised the pace of a challenge that you have attacked to the end.
We reviewed what we had also done in the previous games. Anyone of us entering from the bench always gives the best for himself and before that for the team. We want to show all our value, trying to exploit every minute that the coach gives us.

Come with a roaring 5-0 and now the challenge is to find hunger immediately. Have you already "digested" that victory, so to speak?
Yes. Last Sunday was an excellent choral performance, but we like to think week by week. Already on Monday we ended with that result and we immediately started working according to Saturday's match. It is clear that winning helps morale, but we must not let ourselves be distracted by the previous results, good or bad. Each game is in its own right and must be addressed individually. This is where the maturity of a group is seen.

The race in Perugia, scheduled for Saturday, will start at 14: 30. It will be visible in live streaming, with commentary, on the FSGC YouTube channel.

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