Tuesday, January 21 2020
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Italian Cup: Cesena corsara in San Marino

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In the field we need to give the best of ourselves, help our companions and play an overall game; today the girls of Mister Roberto ROSSI did just that, giving the San Marino field a show and taking the field, leaving the crumbs to the landlords.
First round of the Italian Cup sees Cesena confronting the Titans on the pitch of Acquaviva without 3 / 4 footballers of weight, but those who went on the pitch did not regret.

The Bianconeri poured into the door of Montanari and at the first they got a free corner kick by Di Luzio.
At the 12 'Nagni launches in the penalty area Porcarelli, the bomber opposed by De Sanctis, weakly kicks the San Marino extreme.
Battistini at the 19 'receives the ball from Petralia, puts the fourth and goes like a train but at the edge of the area without much compliments is put down, free kick beats Nagni, hits the crossbar in full.
The home team tries to strike up some action to worry Pacini but the Cesenate defense holds up.

Casadio (very good) at the 29 'launches Battistini, this discards one, two opponents crosses for the head of Nagni who sends the ball to touch the pole to the left of Montanari, all very nice.
Only Cesena in the field; minute 36 'launched from outside the area of ​​Porcarelli directed in the net flies Montanari and puts the ball in the corner. Casadei beats the ball to Petralia who from good position kicks high.
It is a genuine attack on Fort Apache; minute 41 'Laface's great shot from the edge is always Montanari, this time with some difficulty he takes the ball from under the crossbar.
The first half ends, the bitter taste remains in the mouth of the bianconeri who have created a lot; San Marino is not very incisive, a corner kick and Pacini's fists have never been seen in the area.

49 shooting Oliva's launch for Porcarelli, the ball and chain tip crosses half a cross field in the center but no black and white jersey intervenes.
A minute later, splendid action by Petralia drinking his defender throws Nagni out of Montanari and blocks.
Cesena in the lead at 55 '; Battistini is the umpteenth winning ride on the right wing, crosses to the center. Porcarelli shoots with a sure shot, rejects Montanari, picks up the bomber and inflates the net.
Hammer the Cesena, 61 'corner kick from Laface Oliva's header, the ball ends slightly high; 64 'assists Porcarelli for Bizzocchi kicks his usual bomb but ends up high; 73 'Gallina free Guidi at the limit that stops and puts the ball in Beleffi, this ball ends up high too.

85 'the home team wakes up with De Sanctis; ball and chain goes down on the left, from the limit kicks a slash over the crossbar; 86 'great shot of Baldini flies Pacini puts in corner; 88 'counter-attack with Innocenti who flies towards the Cesenate goal, but he had not come to terms with Oliva who makes a masterpiece going to take Innocenti back and slipping before entering the area he literally snatches the ball by sending it out of play, making a major intervention.
The race director concedes 6 minutes of recovery but Cesena holds and brings home a great victory, with no ifs or buts.

Marker: 55 'Porcarelli .-
Referee Mr. Luca SELVATICI of the Rovigo Section
Assistants to Mr. Thomas STORGATO of the Section of Castelfranco Veneto and Ares BEGGIATO of the section of Schio.
Booked at 25 'Deidda (SM), 31' Venturini (SM), 74 'Rigaglia (SM).

Montanari, Deidda (65 'Baldini), De Sanctis, Rossi (62' Montalti), Rigaglia, Princes, Venturini, Larocca, Di Luzio, Piazza, Bianchi (58 'Innocenti) .-
Available Zaghini, Micciarelli, Menin, Branbilla, Costantini, Piergallini.-
Coach Alain CONTE

Pacini, Laface (66 'Guidi at 80' Bernardi), Casadei, Petralia (56 'Zani), Porcarelli, Oliva, Battistini (56' Beleffi), Casadio, Gallina, Nagni, Bizzocchi.-
Available to Pignagnoli, Calli, Balzani, De Carli, Pastore.-
Coach Roberto ROSSI

San Marino 29 September 2019
Franco Scolozzi Cesena FC Women's Football Press Officer

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