Sunday, 26 January 2020

Italian Cup: Ravenna Women defeated by the Citadel

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Surely you start to see something good. Construction of play, phrasing, possession for most of the duration of the match. The only thing missing is putting the ball in the net.
Even this game, like the others, starts with the right attitude. The first 15 minutes are in the hands of the Giallorossi who attack the opposing defensive lines with aggressiveness and a great desire to do. However, two occasions for Burbassi and one for Montecucco fail to unlock the result.

This continues throughout the first half, with a Cittadella trying to respond to lionesses trying to exploit all the opportunities that are created. 42 minute, the grenades unlock the result thanks to a goal in the small area of ​​the 9 Zorzan number that puts the result on the 1 at 0 at the interval.

The second half begins and in the fourth minute a free-kick is called from the limit that the 11 Kastrati number puts directly on the net. At the eighth minute Goula starts a shot that hits the crossbar.
Ravenna continues to attack but to no avail. Many clear chances but the ball never enters. Only at the 44esimo of the second half Razzolini, substitute to Capparelli, shortens the distances.
The game ends 2-1 for grenades.

These are the words of Mr. Piras: "We play and we create a lot but we do not make goals. Still too many errors in front of goal. We have suffered two pitches (one of which on punishment) not irresistible and here we are again licking our wounds. Another burning defeat. A positive note is certainly the return of Barbaresi not yet at the top but which gave the right geomentries. "

Excellent performance, unfortunately with a negative result, that of Mr. Vernacchio's Primavera which saw Inter challenge in the Sesto San Giovanni trip. The match ends 2-0 for the neroazzure but many are the positive notes of a team, that of the Giallorossi who has been respected and certainly has not disfigured against a evidently stronger Inter.

Lady Granata Citadel - Ravenna Women 2 - 1
Italian Cup ss 2019 / 2020

Lady Granata Citadel: Toniolo, Casarotto, Baldo, Meneghetti, Zorzan, Rigon, Fasoli, Schiavo, Ponte, Ciampelli, Cacciamali.
To disp: Peruzzo, Goula, Kastrati, Favero, Dal Molin, Meggiolaro.
Mr. Fabiana Comin

Ravenna Women FC: Copetti, Capparelli, Bouby, Vergani, Greppi, Picchi, Barbaresi, Moscia, Cimatti, Montecucco, Burbassi.
In disp: Guidi, Razzolini, Calli, Muratori, Frasson, Giovagnoli, Ligi.
Roberto Piras All

Networks: 42 'Zorzan (Citadel)
50 'Kastrati (Citadel)
89 'Razzolini (Ravenna)

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