Monday, January 27 2020
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Under 17: Parma beat Orobica 2-0

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In anticipation of the 15th matchday of the second round of the Women's Under-17 Championship "Lombardia", (scheduled for 3 May 2020, but anticipated ex officio on Saturday 11 January 2020 by the FIGC Youth Sector), on the field "B ”In summary of the Sports Complex" Il Noce "in Noceto Parma beat Orobica 2-0. Mister Andrea Cerati, who already has to do without the defensive center Alessandra Martinelli, during the warm-up phase also loses the goalkeeper Virginia Tamborlani injured on one finger of the hand during an activation parade.

The match begins with the Orobica putting in high blood pressure, preventing home midfielders from building effectively and cleanly. The Gialloblù manage to express themselves mainly on the external bands: from there comes the first real chance of the match in the 3 'with Eleonora Ferrari who, after winning a duel on the left wing, crossed taut and low shot in search of Anna Tolentino, opposite outside, positioned inside the goal area, which, unfortunately, however, despite the excellent position, opens the right inside too much and the ball comes out a few centimeters to the right of the post.

The failed opportunity increases the intensity of the game, the determination and the opportunities of the Crusades that unlock it in the 25th minute: cross from the right by Joana Pergjegaj, a short header rejected by the opponent's defense on the edge of the area where Nicole Giordani is good and quick to control the ball and kick to the right of the goalkeeper Giulia Imperatori who, although reaching the ball, cannot hold back (1-0).

In the second half, at 22 ′, the doubling of the Crusades arrives on a corner kick to the right beaten by Eleonora Ferrari: the defense of Orobica does not reject and Alice Giuberti is the fastest to kick from inside the right at the second post for 2 -0 which will then be the final result. Parma thus rises to 10 points in classic in 11th position (-2 from the Cremonese) and already on Wednesday evening January 15, 2020, at 18 pm, will be on stage in Bergamo at the "Parrocchiale Grumellina", again against the Orobica Calcio, for the recovery of the 15th Round, after the postponement of Sunday 22 December 2019 due to impracticability of the field.

Markers: 25 ′ Giordani, 22 ′ st Giuberti

PARMA - 12. Alessia Quagliozzi; 2. Maria Ciampà (38 ′ st 13. Irene Bragadini, 39 ′ st 14. Sofia Cinieri), 3. Chiara Sansone; 4. Anna Sbuttoni, 5. Joana Pergjegaj, 6. Alessia Bussolati (Cap.); 7. Anna Tolentino (16 ′ st 17. Anna Tognolini), 8. Gioia Celiberti, 9. Nicole Giordani (V. Cap., 25 ′ st 16. Giada Sartori), 10. Alice Giuberti, 11. Eleonora Ferrari (35 ′ st 18. Martina Rocchiccioli) (31 ′ st 13. Sofia Cinieri). Coach: Andrea Cerati
Available: 1. Virginia Tamborlani

OROBICA - 1. Giulia Imperatori; 2. Caterina Giardelli (25 ′ st 13. Giulia Brioschi), 3. Chiara Lilini (13 ′ st; 16. Alessia Birolini); 4. Michela Lorenzi (Cap.), 5. Martina Birolini, 6. Arianna Colleoni (6 ′ st 17. Irene Moioli), 7. Alessia Vavassori (1 ′ st 14. Martina Corna), 8. Sofia Benedetti, 9. Rita Paleari, 10. Ilaria Zucchinali (V. Cap.), 11. Martina Carrara (1 ′ st 15. Michelle Volpari). Coach: Mattia Tirloni
Available: 12. Futura Serina

Referee: Mr. Andrea Iughetti of the AIA Section of Parma

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