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The activity of FC Sassari Torres Female Academy told by Mr. Pier Paolo Casu

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In the first two days of the Giovanissimi CSI championship, the girls of FC Sassari Torres Feminine Academy scored a draw against CosmoSS and a defeat against Latte Dolce, starting from the big eve favorite to win the championship. Today the girls of coach Pier Paolo Casu will be engaged in the challenge against the Pro Team Cus and the coach of the young rossoblù has taken stock of the situation.

Mister Casu, since September sits on the bench of FC Sassari Torres Female Academy (category Giovanissimi CSI ed). Can you take stock of these early months?
For me, women's football is a new world. In some respects I was expecting something more, while under others, I'm really satisfied. I have a group of girls who follow me, to whom I am very fond, despite the fact that only two months have passed: it is very important when the players manage to transmit their harmony.

Is there something you want to try to solve as soon as possible?
At the moment there is one thing I could not solve. I noticed that girls are very fragile from the mental point of view and after a small mistake they often lose their concentration.
I'm trying to work on the head and make them understand that making mistakes is human, because in these cases the important thing is to react.
Football is life: if I throw myself down at the slightest difficulty, it will always be difficult to try to solve problems. In this sport, if 2 or 3 players lose attention, it becomes difficult for the others to react.

Two games closed with a draw and a defeat. Can you take stock of these first games?
In women's football, unfortunately, girls do not confront each other and this is a limit. We play against the men's teams, where physicality reigns supreme and against physically performing teams we suffer a lot. Not playing with other girls, often neither the starting level nor the arrival level are clearly seen.
But I can say that I was very satisfied with the first game (against CosmoSS ed). It's true, we drew with a penalty at the last minute, but we played really well, putting our opponents in trouble. Their goal came from a shot from midfield to the first real conclusion in the mirror, taking advantage of our defensive error.
During the whole match we had several goal balls, wasting several occasions, but we never gave up and in the end came the deserved goal of the draw. That of being more cynical under the door is certainly something we need to improve during the season.
On the second day, against the Sweet Milk, the big favorite of this CSI championship, we lost 6-0. I demand a lot from the girls and I am not fully satisfied with the progress of the game, because there have been several lapses. It must be said, however, that compared to the first game, we had an opponent of a different caliber.
I am still very satisfied with the growth of the girls in these two months, because they are making great strides and I can't wait to see them at work in the women's regional championship.

Is there any tactical aspect that needs to be improved?
I have a group of girls ranging from the 2002 to the 2005 and three years of difference, at that age they feel a lot.
Some have never played football, but I'm working to try to give the team a tactical balance, a fundamental aspect if there are no well-defined roles.

After a few years with the Lanteri, the choice to come to the Torres Feminine. How did this decision come about?
Mine was not a simple choice. In the summer I decided to leave Lanteri, a company to which I will always be grateful because it helped me, allowing me to grow from all points of view.
Initially my idea was to coach a first team, but after meeting President Budroni and shaking his hand, I decided to start this new adventure, because for me a handshake is worth much more than a thousand contracts.
It is an interesting and formative experience, also from a personal point of view, because I have always learned from the boys and will continue to do so also in the coming years.
I will pursue this commitment with the utmost professionalism, with the utmost respect for all and I hope to win several personal challenges: first and foremost I want these girls to grow with the aim of seeing them as protagonists in important championships.

Fabrizio Pinna
Media Manager
ASDFC Sassari Torres Female

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