Friday, April 3, 2015
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The weekend of the small gialloblù

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We start to get serious, in the championships of the younger categories. The Beginners took to the field for the first seasonal appointment, in the family challenge between Chievo C and Chievo D, who saw the second Gialloblù team win. In the first half, the superiority in the field of Chievo D is felt, with Chievo C failing to build opportunities for attack. The second half, instead, records a leveling of the game, which reaches its maximum in the last part, with a challenge that becomes dangerous on both fronts.

A victory, however, Chievo C gets, proving more concrete in the challenge shoot out, thanks also to a very positive test of the extreme defender.
Robust victory, for the Under 15 category, against the Redondesco. Since the kick-off, the girls have interpreted Mr. Mirandola's directions well, having fun on the pitch and involving the local audience in enthusiasm. The result is never in question, and the liabilities could have been even more important, had it not been for the five woods centered by the gialloblù.

The season is still at the beginning, but the clivens, showing a lot of determination and excellent technical skills, between ball and depth of maneuver, proves to be a more than brilliant group. Worth noting is the performance of the extreme defenders Magalini and Ramella and of the Scondioni Redondescana, precisely in the field that saw her grow up in football.

The Chievo Fortitudo Women Pulcine is also on the field. A beginning of the season to be framed, for the small gialloblù, who first faced the series of 3> 3 matches against the same age as the Polisportiva Negrar, coming out winners from the first time and defeats in the second. Then it was the turn of the 7 challenge> 7, a hard-fought match, entertaining for the protagonists and balanced on the field, with many chances to score on both sides. The match ended with the first two times in a draw and with a defeat in the third part.

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