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Double interview Trapani (Juventus) - Malatesta (Ligorna)

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Sunday 2 October finally begins the Serie B championship and fate has it that in Group A immediately on the first day two former companions face off last year who obtained salvation in the top flight with the Luserna jersey: Juventus-Ligorna will see in fact opposite Giulia Trapani and Matilde Malatesta, who are told in Calciodonne.

Fate has immediately put you in front of you: are you excited for the debut in the league against your ex-girlfriend?

Trapani: "I always said to Mati: 'Look, the first of the league you're going to see you play against me!', And in fact it was like that".
Malatesta: "More than excited, I'm happy: football is a game for me and playing with Giulia, who is both in the same team or against, will always be beautiful and in fact I can not wait: we are not expecting anything but this day! It was a surprise, but a nice surprise! "

What differences will there be in having your friend as an adversary instead of as a partner?
Trapani: "Let's say that there will be differences in not having it in the field because it is a very strong girl and not having to play with me in midfield I miss it and I'm sorry even if last year we never had the opportunity to play together However, having it against me excites me even more because I can not wait to challenge her in midfield ".
Malatesta: "Well, let's say that there are so many differences: it will be nice to play against but never how to play together: I and she went very well. So there will be differences because I will not call Japa (nickname of Trapani, ed) to give me a hand but to insult her for a foul ... Joking aside, there are differences in the enemy field, out more than friends, there it would still be missing ... "

Let's talk about your past at the Luserna in Serie A: what did this experience leave you with?
Trapani: "Well, anyway, the Serie A is always nice, even if I really expect a lot more from the Serie B as I'm a football club. Let's say a little difference between the two categories: some teams have a change of pace obvious compared to a team of Serie B, for the rest you play: we played last year with almost all the teams except obviously the strongest like Fiorentina, Verona, Brescia and Mozzanica. In the end, however, it was a good experience that I always wanted to do ".
Malatesta: "For me it was an experience of life and football, but above all of life because I had to move, I had to leave home, leave work, leave my friends, I had to leave everything. On the other hand I found in Turin a wonderful family that I still thank and I would also name and surname. For example, girls like Erika and Giulia were fantastic making me feel at home. Calcistically, I had to do four workouts a week instead of two or three. In Liguria, compared to Piedmont, women's football is neglected, even though there are crazy talents in my region. So I started to train more seriously learning a lot of things, seeing and living a completely different league from Serie B, more beautiful but maybe it is not said because in the cadet league there is less difference between the first and last class . In Serie A, however, you see girls who are so technical in terms of hat: the Serie A certainly gave me a lot of football and human ".

You are both central midfielders but 'central midfielder' is a generic role: there are the director, the mezzala, the trequatista, the cagnaccio in front of the defense. What are you?
Trapani: "My role is the median but, if necessary, I play half-caste".
Malatesta: "Obviously director! I have always played play, sometimes even half-caste, but always to set the game in midfield even if in the defensive phase I am not a dragon ".

What relationship do you have outside the field?
Trapani: "With Mati outside of the field of course I have a good relationship: I tied a lot to her, already from the 18 of August, the first day of preparation, we immediately linked because we look a lot on some things even if we are opposed to others. For example she is very precise and fussy while I am messy. With Mati at the end we feel almost every day: we have a group on WhatsApp I, she and Moretti who is called 'Family Good Feet' where we tell ourselves our stupid things and inform ourselves about what we do and do not. "
Malatesta: "With her and Erika Moretti we have created an almost familiar relationship. We still feel almost every day. I personally want both indescribable good. They have been able to give me so much more in so little time than other people I've known for a lifetime. When you say 'who finds a friend finds a treasure' with them is what I found. Really, in such a short time not only endure but be my accomplices, be my friends with a capital. Among other things there will also be Erika in the stands, so the 'family' will be reunited! "

What girl are you when you're not a soccer player?
Trapani: "When I do not play, let's say I'm a girl like most others: I work almost every day in the company and it takes me half a day. When I can I try to go out and have fun at the same time ".
Malatesta: "Do you want to know what Matilda Malatesta does when she is not training? He certainly does not eat the Pavesini like Pellegrini! Joking aside, I'm a student of the second year of Communication Sciences and Marketing in Savona, I train the 2010-2011 lever of a team that plays in Serie B (male, ed), the Virtus Entella, where in brackets I was born football since they say that the great loves make an immense circle and then return, then I also go to the gym in Chiavari and I am a simple girl, I love music, especially Italian music, I love going out with my friends, it does not matter the place, and I am a person who always loves the new, not the monotony: I love to wake up and find new stimuli and new horizons to reach ".

How did you approach the world of football?
Trapani: "At football I approached the age of 6 years, when I auditioned at Don Bosco, a team of Nichelino (Turin), only that my mother did not want me so I did dance and karate and finally I officially started 8 years always at Don Bosco and then move on to Toro, Juve, Luserna and finally again Juve ".
Malatesta: "In the world of football I approached thanks to my brothers Giulio and Flavio because they played continuously in the yard, at home ... or I played with them or I was cut off. Then also at the oratory of Monleone, where I was born practically, I played from 2 to 7 of the afternoon always football. I think all the inhabitants of Cicagna remember me on that pitch. "

What is or what are your football idols?
Trapani: "Absolutely Pirlo! In fact, I wear the 21 number in his honor! "
Malatesta: "When I was little Shevchenko even if it has nothing to do with my role, now Marchisio all my life! Marchisio, Marchisio, Marchisio! But I also like Verratti very much, and force Genoa, Miguel Veloso, as well as Criscito. I love the 4 number of these last two players! ".

What does this mean for a girl playing in Serie A? Unfortunately, there are very few hopes of footballing, unfortunately?
Trapani: "Getting to Serie A has always been my dream since I was a child, but let's say I was a bit disappointed with how it really is, even though other improvements have been made compared to other years. Even today it is very difficult to live only football unfortunately here in Italy while abroad, as for example in France, it is totally different. Here in Italy there is no future for now ".
Malatesta: "Playing in Serie A means playing in a nice league, unfortunately split in two because however there are the first four teams that are of another level, there are those in the middle and those that play the game. It's a good season but for the newly promoted it's very difficult and football in the women's field in Italy is really difficult because if you stop playing football I do not think even those who have earned more have earned enough to be able not to work as males can do. So for now football can not be talked about. We hope that these new laws will lead to gender equality also in football in Italy ".

Have you ever dressed in the national team? Do you dream of wearing it one day? Tell us what the blue shirt means for you!
Trapani: "Dressing the Blue Jersey has always been a dream: at the age of 14 I did an internship in Coverciano only that unfortunately it was not successful".
Malatesta: "I was lucky enough to wear it: it was simply the most beautiful emotion of my life. When I was a child, I never thought of the National team: I saw it so far that I never thought about it. Then I always played for myself, for my team and for fun. But once opening a drawer I saw the socks of the National, I swear, a daydream. I would say a premonitory dream because soon, you can believe it, the first call was made in the National and I remember where I was, what I was doing, who I was ... I remember I was at the oratory and I was doing a billboard because I was a children's animator. My mother came to tell me and when she told me, I was laughing, crying. I remember that I went to the Madonnina, I made the sign of the cross, I knelt down and I think I shouted it all over the oratory. The emotion you feel is indescribable, especially then another highlight of when you're there is the national anthem: when you sing the anthem, whether it's friendly to laugh with others or for anything is an indescribable emotion . That is, you are there and you are representing your nation: dreams are no longer ... and I still talk about it as if it were a dream! I always say it: I was lucky because they gave me a dream! Now I think less about it but surely if there is a chance I hope for another call even if my main goal is the club because we are a good team and to achieve our goals we have to go like trains. I believe it!"

Say hello to the challenge of your former partner and future opponent!
Trapani: "Hi Zerbo, see you on Sunday and ... watch the tunnels!"
Malatesta: "Hi Japa, I recommend: look at the tunnels! I always recommend the first rule: you are beautiful to see! "

Interview by Federico Scarso

Federico Scarso
Author: Federico ScarsoWebsite: #Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Italian football, Serie B and Serie A. He made his debut in the Champions League during the Brescia - Konin match



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