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Women's Football: CALENDARS and many promises!

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presentation of merati16 championships
In the prestigious CONI headquarters, at the FORO ITALICO, the presentation of the series calendars A and B of the 2016 / 17 Women's Football Championships. An important day that has united in a packed hall all the tops of Italian Women's football: FIGC President Carlo Tavavecchio, President LND Cosentino, President of Lega Pro. Abodi, Head of the Women's Football Department Dr. Morgana, Gianni Rivera, head of the technical sector of the FIGC and Antonio Cabrini, Mister of the National Women's Team.
Important at the institutional political level was the presence of the Honorable Valeria Fedeli Vice President of the Senate.
Alberto Miglietta representative of CONI brought greetings from President Malagò and underlined, during his brief intervention, the importance of women in sport, wishing the Italian Women's Football a decisive growth and many satisfactions.

Antonio Cosentino said that the Movement has made progress in recent years, but certainly "we can do much and much more"; he wanted to underline the difference in mentality and sports culture that exists between the north, the center and the south of Italy as regards the approach to football for young athletes. Cosentino has subsequently emphasized the problem of sports structures that are often insufficient and inadequate and how this situation often hampers the promotion of women's football in many Italian regions. To encourage the growth of women's football movement "it will be essential to enter schools of all levels" and LND will do everything to promote all the initiatives that sports clubs and regional committees should undertake towards this specific purpose.

The Vice President of the Senate, Valeria Fedeli, in her speech, wanted to highlight the role of the Institutions towards the sport of women:
"It is very important that women's football enter schools and institutions must support these initiatives by overcoming stereotypes, conventions, discrimination, exclusions that are often present in our society"
"A cultural change that must also support current women's football; everyone must collaborate for this purpose: the League, Sponsors, TV, newspapers ..., who takes football to give it greater visibility; to accelerate growth, fans should be able to watch the games! My dream is to see the women's football clubs become professional as it happens in many other European football realities ... it is an opportunity that is more that should be given to those who practice this sport. "

Andrea Abodi supports that an important way is to obtain the collaboration of the male clubs of A and B:
"More than words today we need the facts ... we start with big deficits and big limits, but before us there are great opportunities to grasp, the presence of women in the field and in the stands is important, from a recent research the 40% of the football public is feminine and this presence deserves respect. "
"We have to overcome many limitations that exist today. It is necessary to be more competitive, there are the conditions but unfortunately also huge cultural limits to be crossed, the male culture has always had the absolute dominance. "
"Other countries have seized opportunities, we are late, but we must do it too. We have tried, with little attention, to improve the movement, we have opened to the girls of 12 years, we have given the opportunity to transmit the results to 90mo minute on Saturday at 18, but we will always try to be present in the future ".

Gianni Rivera made his debut saying:
"The luck of women's football does not depend on politics: and this is already a great success!" "These are the men's societies that must open to the female world that pushes ..., for a long time we pretended not to feel, but today the organization it starts to work and therefore there are possibilities to grow and improve. "" Years ago, a European Commission made a survey of how sport was included in schools and Italy was in last place, today the situation has not changed! It is necessary that the Institutions and the Cones move to change this situation, only they can do it! ". Rivera then went on: "If the professional societies do not move, nothing can be achieved; they have to do two things: open to women, and this is slowly doing, then work a lot in the youth sectors ... otherwise football, not only women but also men, will not have a great future! "

Sandro Morgana stressed the work done by the women's football department:
"It was necessary today to give certainties and this was done. We have established the beginning of the 1 'championship in October with the presence of 12 teams for the Serie A and 4 groups of B, reducing the registration fees. We sought collaboration and comparison with everyone from the FIGC to the AIC and the other national football leagues. "" We have to believe what we do and we will do in the future, so we have established three things: Championship reform, women's football development, that we will present in a few days to the President Tavecchio, and the presentation of ATENA, a new football for women. "" Important were the choices to improve women's football and we reasoned with all (Leagues and AIC) for the Championships Reform and for the development of the movement that will favor an expansion of the women's football basin and equal opportunities. "
"This is our challenge for the future, we must help the companies, to exist and move forward and we must support the discomfort of some companies, especially those on the islands. I am convinced that you can not go anywhere but all together we can write a good story about Italian women's football. "

The President Tavecchio opened with a reflection on the importance of volunteering in sport without which the clubs could not exist, football could not exist.
"We live because there are football clubs ... and the voluntary system supports the whole national football movement."
"I would like to talk about the appearance of the professional societies, but it is not taking off ... We are working from 4 years for this project ... Only a few companies have joined ..." "I do not understand why Professional societies, which manage Budget of 200 million and beyond, do not have the philosophy of investing in women's societies at a cost of 400 ... 500 thousand euros! "" The fact is that in sport there is a strong macho mentality! "
"Then we did a reform but it must be expanded ... A Under 12 was created, but after ...? "You need to have an under 13 ... 14 ... and so on ... to create championships otherwise everything ends up like a train race if there are no more tracks ..., we need a chain of championships: pupils, youngsters, beginners ... Juniores ..."

Antonio Cabrini stressed the positivity of the organization of the nationals:
"The creation of an Under 16 and an under 23 was a commendable initiative. The synergies between the technicians of the Nationals and the Companies are also excellent. "At the same time he also stressed the problems that have been behind the movement for many years, mentality and culture in a very masculine sporting context. "The institutions must intervene to bring women's football into schools where, however, other disciplines are favored." "Good relations with the companies, but they must be helped; they are doing a great job, they invest, but the returns are minimal ... we need more VISIBILITY 'media ... tv, newspapers ... so sponsor ..., bring MONEY to the women's football movement! As a national we are doing well, but we in Italy have about 20.000 registered and we are confronted with Federations that have 200 ... 300 ... 600 thousand and so often the fight is unequal. "

Manuela Di CentaThe head of the Under 17 delegation, finally emphasized the importance of women's sport also as a social force:
"Girls who want to play football must have equal opportunities, the opportunity to express themselves, to give their best ... and to be judged in the same way, as the sport always judges." "It's a great honor for me to be among these girls, to be able to give them a content of hope, of will and sacrifice, we must put it all ... and give value to the merit! "

The Italic Forum, seat of CONI, was a choice that has honored the Italian Women's Football, an important location for a sport that, hearing the many statements of the sports and political authorities intervened, could be faced with the change that has been invoked for years, but that then, on a practical level, for many reasons you never had a concrete implementation.

I hope, for the good of the companies and the players, that the words, as Andrea ABODI said, become facts. The reform of the championships, the plan for the development of women's football, the connection between the male and female professional societies (here Tavecchio seemed to me very disappointed ...), the creation of the youth championships (here too the President rightly to laugh ...) are all projects to COME ... We give time to the time and also the TRUST to who is working to implement them, but the only thing you need to do NOW is, as suggested by Cabrini, "give a concrete hand" to the companies ... give their RIGHT VISIBILITY through the TV, the local and national newspapers, this would bring new sponsors and money into the corporate coffers. Maybe the FIGC could also divert some important sponsor reserved for men's football to women's football (they begin to be MENO MASCHILISTI) ... if the words have to become made this could be the RIGHT moment!

We'll see what they can do ... with confidence, but, at the same time, with some legitimate doubt ... given what happened in the past!
We at Calciodonne have promoted a PETITION to revolutionize the women's football system ... let's go on our way because we believe that the REAL change is to give birth to a FEMALE LEAGUE ... that guarantees greater DIGNITY and RESPECT to soccer in pink; many signatures collected (almost 14.000) with the support of many associations, last arrived the CODACONS ... We with this PETITION, with this 1% of TV rights for women's football, WE WANT to return the women's football movement, to the COMPANIES and to the PRESIDENTS, who pay and make sacrifices to carry on the sporting activity and, at the same time, promote the possibility of creating an ASSOPRESIDENTI to give them more "contractual strength" with the top football.

Many speakers thanked the companies for what they are doing ... BUT, they never talked about giving more POWERS to the PRESIDENTS ... who are now in second line ... It is a challenge we are playing for the clubs and for the GIRLS, ... a game that sees us protagonists IN FIELD ... that we can win or lose, but that we are still PLAYING great ...!

Mario Merati

Mario Merati
Author: Mario MeratiEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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