Sunday, 26 January 2020
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Naz Femm_U20-ita-choreaAn unlit Italy loses 2-0 with South Korea and puts the qualification for the quarter-finals of the FIFA World Championship at serious risk. To pass the round in fact the Azzurrine will have to beat Nigeria on Sunday, who drew 1-1 with Brazil, with at least two goals. A just defeat that remedied by Italy, a distant relative of the team appreciated at the debut with Brazil. Korea, beaten 2-0 by Nigeria in the first round of the group, has put Rosucci and his companions in difficulty by showing more brilliance and dynamism, but above all managing to exploit the wide spaces granted by Italy and the numerical superiority in midfield, where The inclusion at the end of the first half of Cecilia Re served to stem the maneuver of the Koreans.
Corradini, forced to give up the injured Alborghetti, opted for the 4-2-3-1, with Giuliani in Porta, a defensive line with Salvai, Linari, Filippozzi and Ledri, Franco and Mauri in the middle of the field and Coppola, Luciani and Pugnali behind the captain Martina Rosucci. After an encouraging start the Azzurrine have left the initiative to South Korea, risking to concede the goal on a couple of occasions. At half an hour the cross has saved Italy on the left of Yuri Choe, guilty of the defense on the development of a punishment quickly kicked by Korea. And ten minutes later Giuliani, with a timely and courageous exit, uprooted the ball from the feet of Sodam Lee, presented alone in front of the blue goalkeeper after evading the offside. Giorgia Brenza, on the bench in place of the suspended Corradini, ran for cover without waiting for the interval and at 43 'inserted Cecilia Re instead of Luisa Pugnali to thicken a midfield in difficulty, with Franco and Mauri often forced to resort to the foul to stop the opponents. Back on the field a substitution by part but without new changes of form, with Francesca Vitale in place of the injured Roberta Filippozzi in the Italian defense and Jungeun Lee replaced at Areum Kim in the midfield of Korea. But the music has not changed and within two minutes Italy has conceded two goals almost in photocopy: at 9 'Geummin Lee surprised Linari and Vitale and a flat right bagged, just the time to put the ball in midfield and Eunha Jeoun was shot on the offside line and on the outside of the right hand side overcame Giuliani for the 2-0 network. The double disadvantage did not produce the reaction of Italy, which even with the entry of Elisa Lecce for Luisa Pugnali has struggled to appear in the penalty spot of Korea. The expulsion of Michela Franco also arrived at the end to further complicate the situation. "Honor and credit to Korea - said Corradini at the press conference - who made a great game, we have interpreted the race very badly and at the moment I can not understand why, we had established a certain kind of approach and instead the team it was immediately lowered too much, the midfield did little filtering and the defense consequently made more effort: they started to turn the ball and we went into difficulty. "I clear that the injury of Alborghetti and the exit prematurely of Filippozzi have created some problems for us: the after-effects of the race against Brazil have been felt because some girls had not recovered one hundred percent.The most important thing now - he concluded - is to team up again and let the girls understand that this it was a bad match and in the next race with Nigeria it will be necessary to take the field with the same determination as the debut ".
Italy - South Korea 0-2
Italy: Giuliani, Salvai, Linari, Filippozzi (from 46 'Vitale), Ledri, Franco, Mauri, Luciani (from 68' Lecce),
Coppola, Rosucci, Pugnali (from the 43 'Re).
Available: Valzolgher, Alborghetti, Pedretti, Cannone, Ferrati, Casaroli.
All: Giorgia Brenzan
South Korea: Jeon, Seo, Jang, Kim, Shin, Lee (cap.), Jeoun, Choe (from 82 'Kim), Kim (from 46' Lee), Lee
(from 66 'Moon), Lee.
A: Choi, Lee, Yeo, Choi, Kim, Kim, Shim, Min.
All: Songchon Jong
Referee: Lucila Venegas (MEX)
Scorers: 54 'Lee Geummin, 56' Jeoun Eunha
Expelled: Franco
Ammonite: Salvai, Mauri, Choe Yuri, Seo Hyunsook, Shin Damyeong
Results and classification of Group B
Brazil-Italy 1-1
Nigeria-South Korea 2-0
Italy-South Korea 0-2
Brazil-Nigeria 1-1
26 / 8 Italy-Nigeria
South Korea Brazil

Paolo Arsillo
FIGC Press Office

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