Tuesday, January 21 2020
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Naz FemmU20_21agoFiled in the opening match with Brazil (1-1), the 20 Women's National Team is back on the field tomorrow to face South Korea in the second match of the FIFA World Cup Group B in Japan ( Italian 11 hours, direct 1 Raisport, deferred 21 hours). The match, which will be staged at the "Komaba Stadium" in Saitama, represents for Italy a genuine crossroads to fuel the hopes of passing the turn, with the Azzurrine called to repeat itself after what was good to see against the Brazilian national team.
Corrado Corradini's team will compete against Corradini for three points, defeated by Nigeria's debut (0-2) but a respectable opponent, able to finish third in the last edition of the World Cup in 2010. "It's a team that made a great impression to me - said the coach at the end of today's training - well prepared athletically and very determined, who will play with the knife between his teeth to make up for the defeat against the Nigerians". Corradini does not hide the importance of the race and trusts in the quality of his group: "It is a delicate and fundamental match to continue our journey in this tournament, I am working with my staff to decide how to deal with them tactically, but I am still very confident because against Brazil, the girls have shown me to be able to play on a par with everyone ". With Di Criscio disqualified and Alborghetti out due to an ankle injury, the blue coach will be forced to make some changes in the training: "We are evaluating together with the medical team the general situation of the team - explained Corradini - because the race with Brazil was very hard both for the pace of play and for the heat, which increases the expenditure of energy and slows the recovery from one game to another.A few girl has some small problem that we are monitoring and decide what to do tomorrow morning. lucky to have a very good group of players and I'm sure that everyone who goes on the pitch will give everything.

As always we will try to honor the jersey. "The race will be directed by the Mexican referee Lucila Venegas, in the other group race the leaders Nigeria faces Brazil.

Naz Femm_U20_20ago

Calendar and classification of Group B
Brazil-Italy 1-1
Nigeria-South Korea 2-0
22 / 8 Italy-South Korea
26 / 8 Italy-Nigeria
South Korea-Brazil
Ranking: Nigeria 3 points, Brazil and Italy 1, South Korea 0.

Paolo Arsillo
FIGC Press Office

Walter Pettinati
Author: Walter PettinatiWebsite: www.pettinati.comEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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