Monday, August 19 2019
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World debut for the blue under the 17, the first participation in the highest category competition. The obstacle between Italy and the three points is called Zambia: a seemingly affordable clash, in the pleasant setting of the San Jose stadium. So much desire to get involved on a big stage for the girls of Sbardella: the blue technical commissioner chooses the 4-3-3 and line up for the world debut Boattin, Peressotto, Vergani and Rizza in front of Durante; midfield entrusted to Cavicchia, Simonetti and Giugliano, whose task is to trigger Bergamaschi, Marinelli and Piedmont. For surprise Zambia is on the bench Grace Chanda, author of the hat-trick in the race against South Africa that allowed the biancorosse to disconnect the ticket to San Jose.

The blue start with the foot on the accelerator and seek the advantage after just ten seconds with Giugliano launches Bergamaschi, good at putting the tip and unlucky in the side to the side. The Africans are not watching, ready to leave and take advantage of the very few blue offenses. A slip of Boattin saves Italy after five minutes, while shortly after is placing a piece. Fragmented game, long teams and confusion characterize the first minutes, classically dedicated to mutual study, especially for formations that are hardly known. The good chance happens at the 12 'on the feet of Flaminia Simonetti, who collects a ball wandering on corner but kicks high on the crossbar, while in the quarter of an hour a low exit of Nali anticipates Marinelli launched to the net. At 18 'Sbardella is forced to the first change: hit in a game clash, the unfortunate Martina Piemonte gives way to Anna Maria Serturini. The fate puts us the hand, as we will see shortly.
After a defensive blunder of Zambia, Bergamaschi still tries to do it, particularly active on the right-hand side, which 21 'ends up with right without luck. Italy takes the field, Zambia tries to stem the advance to blue by sweeping away each ball and leaving without disturbing the rear of Sbardella. Half an hour double thrill for the Africans: first Simonetti verticalizes for Serturini that flat laps the crossbar, then Marinelli is stopped just before concluding to the network. The superiority of the azzurrine gradually comes out, especially on the wings, where Zambia trudges. The Italian midfield manages the ball game on the ground, looking for the order where the Africans mostly rely on long balls to exploit the speed of the points. You have to wait for the 40 'to see the red and white from the parts of a very careful During. A minute later, on the change of forehead, the blue joy explodes: Giugliano, metronome of the team, cuts the field with a right hand for Serturini who astutely anticipates Nali, until then impeccable in the outputs, and with the coldness of a veteran acronym the well-deserved one to zero for the blue, result with which we will go to rest.
The teams return to the field without changes, and the score is also unchanged: at the 3 'a Marinelli cross-shot almost doubled. Appointment with the 2-0 just postponed, because five minutes later it is still Serturini to sign his personal double: the defense of Zambia goes badly and the Primavera Primavera striker showcases all his technical qualities before concluding network. The double advantage gives tranquility and moral to the blue that inaugurate their monologue: the recovery is tinged with Italian colors, in front of a totally impotent Zambia. The siege highlights the technical and athletic difference between the two teams and closes in their own half the Africans who, forced to repeat fouls for stops and opponents, are likely to collect the goleada first with Marinelli and then again with Serturini, this time anticipated by extreme defender biancorosso. You have to wait for the 70 'to see the Africans from the parts of Durante, watchful on their stake on a conclusion of Wilombe. At half hour Sbardella replaces Chiavicca, always marked by opponents, with Abati. With the game now coming to an end, Simonetti gains a good set piece on which Nali is a good guard. Space also for Beatrice Merlo, the youngest of the blue rose (class 1999), who six minutes from the triple whistle replaces an exhausted Marinelli. A killer intervention at 88 'forces Simonetti to abandon the pitch and Italy to face the four minutes of recovery in ten. Sterile the last and generous attempts of Zambia: the game closes on the two to zero in favor of the blue, more than fair result as seen in the field. It was a difficult match, not so much from the technical point of view, but from the emotional one. The ghosts of the debut were swept away by a convincing performance, which allows us to think positively for the next matches. Clear the blue superiority in every sector, especially the defensive one. Great test of Serturini, in powder also the midfield blue, the defense is impeccable. You just have to see how far this team can go: meet in three days, always in San Jose, against the landlords of Costa Rica.

ITALIA: During, Peressotto, Vergani, Boattin, Rizza, Chiavicca (30 'st Abati), Simonetti, Giugliano, Marinelli, Bergamaschi, Piedmont (18' pr Serturini)
Available: Tortelli, Mella, Garavelli, Toniolo, Mascarello, Ceccarelli, Cartelli
All. Enrico Sbardella
ZAMBIA: Nali, Kaleo, Banda, Bridget, Zulu, Phiri, Mubanga (35 'St Grace), Tembo, Lungu (10' St Chanda), Wilombe, Belemu (26 'pt Melenga)
Available: Piri, Mwale, Mukanda, Mulaisho, Witika, Mulubwa, Musole
All. Albert Kachinga

MARCATORS: 41'pt and 8'st Serturini
Admonitions: 42 'pt Marinelli; Martha Tembo (ZAM) 58 ', Mary Wilombe (ZAM) 61'

Alessandra Esperide

Walter Pettinati
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