Monday, August 19 2019
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The stadium is crowded, there is the qualification to the quarterfinals of the World Cup, and in front of Italy are the landlords of Costa Rica. But the blue, after the victory debut with Zambia, do not even tremble this time, and at the "Nacional" of San Josè they tore access to the direct elimination phase thanks to a Eurogol of Gloria Marinelli, signed at the twentieth of the first half.
Performance once again capital, heart and determination, seasoned by the beautiful game that was not lacking even debut. The opponent, pushed by 25.000 fans cheering in a frame to envy many men's championships, was more difficult than the young Africans met last Saturday, but nothing has been possible in front of our local superiority, demonstrated technically and tactically.

With a Piedmont still bruised (five points of sutures applied to the attacker of the Riviera di Romagna), Sbardella opts to line up the star Serturini, author of the crucial double that has crashed Zambia. The remaining ten eleventh are confirmed, including Simonetti, three days ago exited prematurely after a hard fight. Many occasions have happened to the blue in the first fraction: the same Marinelli, just before bagging the ball on the net, with a header to a cross to the kiss of Serturini had touched the pole to the left of Salas, committed on every front. At the 19 'the masterpiece of the meeting, just signed by the attacker of Grifo Perugia: the 11 number blue collects a perfect corner of Giugliano and crosses the ball with a right volley under the crossbar, unleashing the joy of the bench and companions. The special dedication of Marinelli, originally from Molise, goes to a young conterraneo who died yesterday.
A few minutes later the opportunity arose for the double advantage on the feet of Bergamaschi, which left badly hit and failed to capitalize from fifteen meters after Araya's rebound on Giugliano's shot.
The recovery records fewer occasions for the azzurrine, except in the final; despite a slight decline, more mentally than in terms of condition, Sbardella's defense, always solid and attentive under the guidance of Captain Boattin, runs very few dangers throughout the ninety minutes.
On the final race Salas is forced to overtime first on a shot by Bergamaschi (real miracle of the extreme home defender), then sull'ennesimo shooting Giugliano.
Unique thrill for During the descent on the right of Villalobos, taken on the offside line but deflated too much to center the mirror of the door. Halfway through the second half, Beatrice Merlo, fifteen years of age and a great desire to do it: the young Inter striker controls at the edge of the area, gets rid of two opponents and kicks slightly to the side. The fate does not even assist Garavelli (world debut for her) that, a few moments after taking over the injured Giugliano, combines with Bergamaschi and comes a few steps from Salas, good to close his pole and avoid the 2-0. On the start of Garavelli closes the match, with the applause of the entire stadium to greet the performance of landlords and blue.
The only flaw for the girls of Sbardella, which in the most poised match could cost dear, the great amount of opportunities wasted, also because of the lack of luck inside the penalty area. For the rest management of the game to be emphasized for the eleven blue: once again stands the performance of the defense, which demonstrates an unexpected experience for young girls.
Centered the quarterfinal goal for the first time in the Italian history of the World Cup in under format. Minimal objective, given the team's potential, decided to go further in this pleasant world event. Saturday night, for the conquest of the head of the group, the azzurrine if they will see it with Venezuela, the group's roll with three goals trimmed to Costa Rica and poker to Zambia. It will be the game that can tell us how far this national can go, in ninety minutes to live with a pinch more of tranquility and awareness that, however it will go, the test of nine for the azzurrine will come only in the quarters, which are already in your pocket.


COSTA RICA: Salas; Wilson, Araya, F. Villalobos, Elizondo; Valenciano; Gonzalez (62 'Molina), K. Villalobos (72' Bermudez), G. Villalobos, Arias (24 'Campos); Varela
Available: Pardo, Vega, Chaves, Barquero, Coto, Harley, Mora
All .: Quesada.

ITALY: During; Rizza, Peressotti, Boattin, Vergani; Simonetti, Cavicchia; Marinelli (81 'Abati), Giugliano (88' Garavelli), Serturini (46 'Merlo); Bergamaschi
Available: Cartelli, Toniolo, Tortelli, Mella, Piedmont, Mascarello, Ceccarelli
All .: Sbardella.

REFEREE: Reyes (Peru)
MARKERS: 19 'Marinelli
AMMONITE: Wilson, Boattin, Valenciano, Rizza, Merlo

Alessandra Esperide

Walter Pettinati
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