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Fantasy against organization. Unpredictability against planning. The beaches of Copacabana against the cold features of Berlin lived and harassed by fifty years of cold war.
Put Brazil and Germany in a green rectangle, throw a ball, and you will get a good game guarantee. At least in the second half, the girls of the under 20 have not been less physically than David Luiz and Mertesacker, but they have cheered the evening of football fans and given the opportunity to groom the roses looking talents destined to become great.
Just a month ago the men of Scolari succumbed to the blows of Muller and his companions under the helpless gaze of Christ the Redeemer: the young Brazilian women have avoided it, but if football is not an opinion, it is also true that Germany match can be wrong, but two are not. That's why after the half misstep with China the girls of Maren Meinert have resumed the course, and will hardly make further detours. France is warned.

However, they are South American starting with the foot on the accelerator. Byanca (mark this name ...) on the right wing, he performs in a film library lambretta and cancels Frauch, who for the first ten minutes appears disoriented. The green maneuver is asphyxiating, but the defensive line led by Knaak and Gidion is square and avoids the newcomer Fromhs, preferred among the Kamper stakes, to take particular risks. On the other side until the fifteen minutes, when she is forced to leave Bremer, Leticia is a non-paying spectator. Which was predictable, if we think that Brazil was obliged to win and Germany had two out of three results available. This does not mean that the Germans do not use myelin or bolt. Also because, to be honest, this local custom exported to the world brings good times. Petermann and Panfil wake up, Captain Magull plays the office and with some intervention between the ball and the malleolus he keeps the opponents aware that Germany is there. And we can see: at the 20 'Petermann, a one-man ball in Bremer is needed on a silver platter, but the Potsdam bomber, which Thalmann will surely remember, takes the lead by kicking to the side. Brazil, however, has never had great defenses. So many bubbles and jogabonito, but the gate valves often struggle to garnish them. Traditions must be respected, as we know, and Nagela (replaced prematurely by Thaynara) does it very well: suffers incredibly Bremer, who at half-hour tries in vain to finalize a maneuver in speed on the axis Petermann-Panfil, and you lose the bomber blond haired even a minute later, when only the feline reflex of Leticia avoids the disadvantage.
Ten minutes from the end it's Frohms's turn to get it bad. The culprit is always Byanca: the number 9 green, from the right-hand side, sees the insertion of Gabi who takes Gidion on the run and lets start a shot that shaves the pole on the left. Five rounds later it touches the wood on the right being touched by another dish of Gabi, triggered by a wonderful assist of Andressa. After forcing Germany, Brazil comes out, raises the center of gravity and on the corner is the goal with Carol and the complicity of a good dose of luck (the ball postponed by Gidion slams on the face of the Brazilian and slips into the network). And if good luck does not assist the defender, he completely turns his face to Pauline Bremer, who at the 45 'fails the rigor of the potential draw.
Germany returns to the field with another look. Time five minutes and Theresa Panfil does Theresa Panfil, putting a cross in the middle to return to Daebritz. Leticia Santos forgets to do the diagonal and the left side of coach Meinert goes early: at that point support on the net is a breeze. At the 63 'a Bremer in brasileiro format is drinking the drowsy South American defense, including goalkeeper, and with the most classic of the "excavators" completes his work and the turnaround on the score. 2-1 Germany. And here comes the German monologue. Which as usual is enveloping, continuous, pounding. Leticia Santos is in total confusion, a Wilde until then inexistent manages to overcome the first half of the field and Bremer shakes off the last feelings of guilt for the wrong penalty, playing in absolute fluency. On the other side, Byanca is not received, but Andressa puts his heart and is the last to give up. Leticia, a quarter of an hour from the end, performs in a double miracle (on the usual Bremer) that keeps alive the remaining hopes greenoro.
Hopes that crash at 77 'on the dribbling of Daebrizt who skips Leticia, sends the ball into the net and Germany to the quarterfinals. And imagine yourself. Let's face it, who had believed, even after the goal of Carol, a German collapse? Nobody. Instead the Brazilian Caporetto arrives at the 90 ', with still Daebritz who takes advantage of the reactivity of the opposing defense equal to that of the silhouette for the barrier in training to bring the ball home by signing the hat-trick. Bremer is content instead of the double at the end, always with the left-handed.
The triple whistle arrives, for the relief of Brazil and the Teutonic joy. It was not the exciting ninety minutes that usually the "clasico" of the World Cup offers us, but we also learned something about it tonight: Germany is a breeding ground for talents (Panfil and Daebrizt above all), and talent combined with team play never comes out defeats. Regardless.
What did we expect? Football is a sport that is played in eleven against eleven, and in the end the Germans win. Or the Germans.

BRAZIL: Leticia, Leticia Santos, Julia, Gabi, Camila, Djeni, Byanca, Andressa ©, Patricia, Nagela, Carol.
Coach: Bueno Dorival.

GERMANY: Frohms (Gk), Wilde, Rauch, Gidion, Magull, Knaak, Bremer, Panfil, Däbritz, Petermann, Dieckmann.
Coach: Meinert Maren

MARKERS: 41 'pt Carol (B); 5 'st Daebritz (G); 19 'st Bremen (G); 32 'st Daebrizt (G); 45 'st Daebrizt (G); 47 'st Bremen (G)

The results of the day:
Brazil - Germany 1 - 5
USA - China 3 - 0
Ghana - Finland 2 - 1
Korea N. - Canada 0 - 1

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