Marta in the footsteps of the Brazilians?

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martavieiradasilva1We hope not! the undisputed star of world women's football, in this tournament, has appeared the shadow of itself. For those who expected to see the games at "Marta" was disappointed. The Brazilian has limited herself to scoring four goals and little more but her improvisations of high soccer technique have been missing. Performances far from the one expressed in the World Championship four years or so where the carioca stopped the world with open mouth admiring his feats and even now those who see his videos on youtube remains impressed.
The rumors tell us that the Golden Ball has not held in recent years an athlete's lifestyle, perhaps because of the fame and comfort achieved by playing in the States, but the fact is that Marta appeared lackluster and less athletics of the past.
There are those who think that the carioca star has taken the road of decline as the most famous, Dinho, Ronaldo and Adriano. I hope that Marta will recover and let us admire those numbers that only she is able to realize.

Walter Pettinati
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