Friday, February 28 2020
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svezia_franciaThe SVEzia climbs on the lowest step of the World podium and wins the Bronze medal. A result that on the eve would have made the happiness of the Swedish Gialloblu but on balance is only the medal of disappointment. Sweden - France was a bad game with three wonderful goals that have revived the interest of athletes. Large number of Marie Hammarstrom at the 82 ° which gives the victory to Sweden.
The game starts sly with the two teams that are studying waiting for the first move in search of victory. For the Swedes it is the game of disappointment and seem the least encouraged to conduct the dances while the "blues" look for a bronze that could crown the game, expressed in this World Cup, beautiful but inconclusive.

The match wakes up to the usual Lotta Schelin goal. We are at the 29 ° when a long throw from the Swedish half-field starts for the 8 number that flies away and with a magic touch, on the right, anticipates defenders and goalkeeper. The French do not accept the disadvantage after having held possession of the ball and have expressed a better game. Their problem is the relationship with the goal and they do not deny themselves even in this last day of World football that is still a Bronze. The reaction is there, but it is sterile while Schelin counterattacks the ball with a double advantage. On the opposite side, the pole hit by Bussaglia anticipates the French goal, which arrives in the second half on the developments of the usual maneuvering action that brings Elodie Thomis (56 °) to the net conclusion. The twenty-five-year-old Lyon forward, on the edge of the offside, controls the left-footed ball and leaves a clear right foot that licks the inside post of the Swedish goal and brings France to a draw. Nothing to do for Hedvig Lindahl who merely picks up the ball while the French girl improvises in a perfect and nice "ballet" for the satisfaction of the goal.

At this point Josefine Oqvist becomes the protagonist, risking to undermine her companions and the evolution of the match. The blonde striker of the Tyreso, first wastes a clear chance from goal, hitting the pole, then gets expelled for a nervous reaction, instigated by the opponent. The Nordics, in ten, make a circle, excluding, in my opinion, their CT and finding in themselves the strength to react. It will be precisely the numerical difference not exploited by the French and give that extra charge to the Scandinavian team, which crowns the success at 82 °, when Marie Hammarstrom improvises a high class number:
Swedish corner kick rejected by the French defense, the number twenty takes the ball on the trocar, a soft touch to overtake the opponent in turn, the ball on the right and first intention moves forward sideways entering the area and explodes a sinister deadly which goes to paint stripping the poles. Great goal and Swedish victory. At the end of the games the big Swedish party that hides the bitterness for not having hit the final.

You can see videos with goals and with the Swedish party on this site or with a better result on the site


Walter Pettinati

Walter Pettinati
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