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svezia_australiaSweden, as predicted, beats Australia and accesses the semi-final with Japan. The Swedes against the young Australia were strong and already in the first minutes of play went ahead with Therese Sjögran (11 °). The action of the Yellow is determined to close the game, Australia suffers the supremacy and the second goal that reaches the 16 ° with the star of Gothenburg Lisa Dahlkvist.
Strong with the double advantage and sure to have the game in hand the girls of Thomas Dennerby are left to a moment of relaxation that finds in Australia the right time for their timid reaction, at the beginning, but dangerous with the passing of the minutes that allow to the oceanics to take self-confidence and be less fearful of the strong Swedes.
The commitment and tenacity find fertile ground at the 40 ° when, the twenty-year-old defender of the Camberra Utd, Ellyse Perry shortens the distances for her national team. The game becomes more balanced, the Australian bites and the Swedish maneuver has moments of loss and improvisation but manages to find the right balance with the passing of the minutes.
He resumes, after a well-deserved rest, with the two teams intending to assert themselves. On the one hand, Sweden, which does not want to miss the opportunity to highlight their individual and group supremacy, on the other, the Australians who miss a couple of delicious opportunities to get to the draw. To put everyone in agreement is the Golden-Schelin show that at the 52 ° brings the goals to three and closes the match. The Australians do not give up and try, in flashes, to hurt the Swedish rearguard. The good ball to reopen the match returns to the twenty-year-old Sydney striker, Kyah Simon but his conclusion is only an illusion.
This Sweden is too strong for the young Australians who have, however, reconfirmed, for the second consecutive time, to be among the top eight strongest national teams in the world.
Semi-finals and London 2012 Olympics for the Vikings.

Walter Pettinati

Walter Pettinati
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