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Foreign soccer

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turbine_potsdamThe girls from the Bundesliga who have worked so hard during the week to better face this 16 championship gioranta will have to wait again. In fact, the 6 games that were scheduled, only 2 were disputed due to the incessant snowfall that seem to have hit much of Germany.
Turbine Potsdam had the chance of the championship and did not miss it. Victory at home against the Wolfsburg opponents, the 4 finalsice match at 0. Great blow this allows the potsdamine to return to the top of the standings.
Things get more complicated for FFC Frankfurt who, not having been able to play, must try to stay focused to regain the record.
The other game that was played was between Hamburger SV and Saarbrücken. For the 90 minutes of the game, the house-girls who finally impose themselves for 3 to 1 dominate.

All the other matches have been postponed and will certainly be recovered during or at the end of the season.

Carlotta Schiroli

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Elhmedi_norwayLisa Marie Woods is happy to participate in the World Cup.
Our national coach has just been at the draw in Frankfurt, and she is pleased with the results, and I am even happier. Since we qualified for the World Cup we have been waiting for this draw. The team has just had a week of training together, to lay the groundwork to better face the world finals.

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frau_bundesliga_cd8 are the goals that the Frankfurt has trimmed at Bad Neuenahr during this 15 day of the German women's championship. Following the Turbine Potsdam is assured the result with a goal by F. Bajramaj at the 11 minute of play and closes with this result the game. It remains then following the leaders and it is decided to take advantage of every little mistake of the opponents to return the head to the standings. Exciting and full of goals instead the match between Wolfsburg and Bayern Leverkusen. The double of M. Muller seemed to have secured the game for the girls at home. However, during the second half Bayern Leverkusen showed his teeth and, not only did he hang up the result, but took the lead to the 60 'with a goal by S. Thompson who took a smile from the opponents' mouths. The Wolfsburg did not panic and settled the accounts by drawing about 15 minutes from the final whistle. Victory at home for FCR Duisburg dominating Bayern München and remains undisturbed in third place. Black day for USV Jena who lost 1 to 0 at home against Hamburger SV with a goal just on the stroke of 90 '. The meeting between the Saarbrücken and the Essen-Schönebeck is postponed.

Carlotta Schiroli

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frau_bundesliga_cdThe match between Frankfurt and Turbine Potsdam arrived on the thirteenth day of the season. This match saw the two strongest and highest teams in the standings oppose a breathtaking match that everyone had been waiting for since the start of the season. The tension was skyrocketing, but the Frankfurt girls were able to keep their nerve until the end and dominated the Turbine Potsdam which took the first defeat of the season! The final result was 4 at 1 for the Frankfurt that ousts the Turbine and leads, with 36 points, leading the German championship!

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The South American Feminino 2010 ends with a more than deserved victory of Brazil that scores the fifth success in the event. Nothing to do for the opponents of the second round, all crushed by too much class and hunger for success of the greenoro who have thus been able to kick off the party.
The disappointment of this South American championship is certainly Argentina, presented in Ecuador as a champion in charge and who has finished really opaque his adventure, self-discriminating also from the 2011 World, where instead will present a Colombia that without enthusiasm can get a result on the eve of the unexpected.

As said Brazil champion who will fly to Germany with the Colombians after a tournament in which the verdeoro really shone with their own light with a superb Marta always in the center of the scene and undisputed protagonist of the tournament. For the Brazilian fantasist 9 nets in 7 races with assists and plays that have ripped cheers to open scene; the right tribute for one of the strongest players of all time (if not the strongest).

After a first round where Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia had obtained the pass for the second phase, the four contenders were faced in a further round where the Brazilian dominated the scene winning all three races, scrambling Argentina first (4 to 0), then Colombia (5 to 0) and then close with a less resounding 3 to 1 on Chile, which at the end of the games was ranked third.
Colombia and Chile have played second chances for second place with the 'cafeteras' who beating Argentina in the last race, have obtained three golden points that allowed the girls of Bogotà to close second, but above all qualify for the 2011 World Cup.

So ends the South American Feminino with an overflowing Brazil that launches the challenge to the landlords of Germany and eagerly awaits to know if the US (committed against Italy in the final of the playoffs) will also be at stake. For the greenoro more than declared: after the fifth continental title is now open hunt for the first statement in the World Cup.

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Directly from Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia are the four teams still racing in the South American Feminino, which 21 November will unveil which will be the two teams that will prepare the suitcases for the world 2011.
The South American Feminino kicked off the November 4 with the races of the two groups, where the ten teams present were fighting with really exciting races and rich in goals. From the two groups, only the first two classified in each group have had access to the second phase, which includes a new group of four teams from which only the first two classified will participate in the German World Cup.
Brazil and Argentina presented themselves in Ecuador as super favorites, with the Albicelestes facing the trip to Ecuador from defending champions after the victory of the 2006, obtained just within the friendly walls. So the challenge between Argentina and Brazil continues, with the green men determined to redeem themselves and to score the number five victory in the South American event.

Group A, made up of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and Peru, saw some balanced challenges with Chile and Argentina who had the better of their opponents, despite the white-blacks suffered a defeat in the last match against the landlords of Ecuador that despite having finished the group on equal terms with the two leaders, they had to greet the event due to the worst goal difference.
Bolivia and Peru played the last place in the group and the challenge was won by the Bolivians thanks to a double by Palmira Loayza.

In Group B, a more defined balance with Brazil winning the full-point group followed by Colombia that just on the last day has spread against the unfortunate Uruguay, which closes so last in the group. Third place in the group for Paraguay with Venezuela ending fourth.
The first phase was quite affordable for Brazil and Colombia, which did not have major problems in qualifying them, with the verdicts that have found a Cristiane (militant in Santos) in great shape that has scored for 6 times in the four races, inspired even a Marta in great dust ... in short, a couple that advances in the second round with ambitions of victory, but above all with desire to score and give show.

The South American Feminino now continues with the second round where Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia from 17 to November 21 will compete to try to become 'queens of South America'.

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Canada is not wrong and thanks to the Sinclair network makes its Gold Cup 2010, the first of its history after the title CONCACAF of 1998.
In the Canadian victory there is also our knowledge that rejoices at the triumph achieved against a positive Mexico; the character in question is Carolina Morace, goleador and then blue coach who now lives his moment of glory overseas.

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82494216_10Gold Cup semi-finals archived and surprisingly the hosts of Mexico to place the big shot eliminating the US favorites in a heart-pounding challenge. In the other semi-final, Canada grabs the final and secure participation in the next World Cup with a round victory over Costa Rica.

In the challenge between Mexico and USA, the 'tricolor' find an unexpected success but at the same time really superlative and deserved obtained in front of over 8 thousand people present in the stands.
A hot challenge right away with the Mexicans who after 3 'find the advantage with Dominguez and with the statunintesi that first accuse the blow, then they shake and at the 25' Lloyd brings the race in balance. Mexico is not there and after only a minute returns with Perez that literally explodes the stadium "Béisbol Beto Ávila" of Cancún.
The race continues between balance and a lot of suffering both in the field and among the Mexican public who warmly accompanies their selection until the final whistle, where after a game really intense and full of emotions, the United States has to bow his head in front of a Mexico really super!
For the tricolor a victory that is really worth a lot: the Gold Cup final at home and direct qualification to the world of Germany ... in short, however it will go, it will be a great party.

Spearing on the other semi-final, Canada tries to practice Costa Rica only in the shooting with thirteen minutes of fire where the girls of Carolina Morace find a trio that projects them to the end of the November 8. A sign for the Canadians Belanger (62 '), Filigno (72'), Sinclair (75 ') that anticipate the final endorsement of Cruz that signs the definitive 4 to 0. Costa Rica holds the field for the first 45 'and then collapsed under advanced Canadians that leave no escape from the often unprepared opponent defense.
For Canada, the prospect of winning their first Gold Cup at home and against the bosses is on the way. This time nothing US and for the Canadians is certainly an opportunity to be exploited even if you will face a Mexico that certainly will not be satisfied by the victory against the states and will close the continental review in the best way, especially because in front of its own public.

Certainly it is the United States that emerges doubly defeated by these semi-finals. Poker in the Gold Cup missed and World Cup qualification still in the balance. Costa Rica should not be a problem for such a listed formation as the stars and stripes but in addition to having to overcome the obstacle Central American, for the Americans there will then be the hassle of the playoffs where to wait for the third classified there it will be Italy that now looks with great interest at this unexpected challenge.

All that remains is to wait for the outcome of the two finals to meet winners, losers ... and for us Italians the next challengers.


Final 1-2 Place

Final 3-4 Place

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norge_ritiroNFF and general manager Eli Landsem have selected a selection of 30 players for a training session ahead of the 2011 World Cup in Germany. The rally will take place on the 22-25 November in Oslo. Among the novelties is the convening of the goalkeeper Ingrid Thorbjørnsen who is competing in the final phase of the Norwegian Cup with his team of Trondheims-Ørn.
A surprise is the defender Kolbotn Anja Sønstevold, Under-19s. It also comes from the U-19 Cathrine Dekkerhus. Kristine Hegland arrives in the senior for the first time, is captain of the U-19. Another surprise call is the injured Emilie Haavi, a good sign for her because the National team is aiming at her for next year. They all come from the youth teams of Jarl Torske.

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frau_bundesliga_cdAnd after the fall the penultimate weekend of October, the bundesliga has reopened its doors. The Potsdam Turbine is still in charge, confirming the leadership in the standings and grabs the fourth consecutive victory. Triumph who comes out of the house against the Essen-Schönebeck thanks to the decisive help of the double by A. Mittag. Positive result also for the number one chaser of the leaders, the FFC Frankfurt, which thanks to goals signed by B. Prinz and C. Pohlers remains in full struggle for the Scudetto. Heavy yet another defeat, however, for the Bavarian girls who fail to make the leap and remain relegated to the middle of the standings. Wins for Duisburg, Bad Neuenahr and Wolfsburg close the table in descending order Saarbrücken, USV Jena and Herforder SV.

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