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The most exciting women's soccer championship in the world has finally arrived at the end of the match: the final will be Seattle Reign Vs Kansas City, with the girls of Seattle favorites seen the incredible season and their form.

To get here, the two teams had to face a very different path, with the Reigns dominant right from the start (broken every record on the number of consecutive and overall victories) and with a quiet start for the girls of Kansas (two defeats and a draw in the first three games), but that eventually led both to win the playoffs a few days early. Obviously before reaching the final, the two contenders had to pass the semi-final obstacle, which for the Seattle team proved to be somewhat difficult.

On Saturday 23 in fact the first of the two semi-finals was played, Kansas City Vs Portland Thorns, with the Portland team that had performed a veritable miracle in order to get there; despite being able to boast of the title of outgoing champions since the last edition of the NWSL, the Thorns have not succeeded in imposing themselves, suffering a net defeat for 2 at 0. Good start for the Kansas who with the "rookie" Richmond are close to scoring at the 14 'with a lash that Nadine Angerer blocks in the corner. First half very rough and played mostly in the middle of the field with few emotions until, on the end, Amy Rodriguez (Kansas City) is landed in the opponent's penalty area without any consequences: to be reviewed. Second half that starts on the same line as the first, with Kansas always in pressure until, at the 63 ', the duo Holiday-Rodriguez collects the advantage goal with a nice play on the strait. The pressing of the girls from Kansas continues but they are doubled only at 87 ': Hagen serves Holiday as the first to find the far post and close the game.

Portland not received, with the playmaker Veronica Bouquete leaving the Thorns shortly after the end of the match to join the German FFC Frankfurt vice-champions; Kansas enjoying the victory and waiting for the other finalist.

On Sunday 24 the other semi-final was played: Seattle Reign Vs Washington Spirit, a departure from the result that was anything but predictable compared to what could be thought.

First time full of emotions with scoring opportunities for both teams but a game that only gets unlocked in the second half when, at the 65 ', Diana Matheson needs a great ball from the back line to Veronica Perez who, after a first check, slams the bag behind of Hope Solo: so surprisingly Spirit in advantage. Reaction Seattle which is not long in coming and six minutes later Sydney Leroux earns a penalty for handball that Kim Little (awarded with the NWSL gold shoe) is forced to beat twice, due to a invasion in the area, bringing home the draw. At the 78 'Washington tries to get back in the lead: another hand ball in the area and another penalty kick that Matheson takes charge of but that blatantly misses, also thanks to a great save by Hope Solo. Situation that remains stable until the 82 'when what could be called a "suicide" takes place: Pressley, as a last man, tries a risky dribbling on Rapinoe which does not let the opportunity slip away, steals the ball and scores to you for you with Harris closing the 2 game at 1.

At this point the final will be just Seattle Reign Vs Kansas City: surely the exciting season gives credit to the Seattle victory, but the ease with which Kansas beat the Thorns and the difficulties found by the Reigns in their semifinals gives hope for a final uplifting. Who will win it?

Gianessi Mattia & Lorenzo Ceccarelli

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