Norway, at the World Championship for a medal!

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Elhmedi_norwayLisa Marie Woods is happy to participate in the World Cup.
Our national coach has just been at the draw in Frankfurt, and she is pleased with the results, and I am even happier. Since we qualified for the World Cup we have been waiting for this draw. The team has just had a week of training together, to lay the groundwork to better face the world finals.
We have set some goals and we are ready to reach them. We have already said that we are not afraid of any team, and that we will play at our best every game against any team above us in the classification by FIFA. There are no 'easy' opponents in a World Cup, but some groups would have been more desirable than others.

Germany play at home and this can help it for this World Cup, and if the draw had given us the same group could have been tough. But we obviously would not have refused the chance to play in the Berlin Stadium Olympics opening game, already sold out. Our group includes Brazil, Australia and Equatorial Guinea.

I have not talked to many team companies yet but I think we would all agree that this was a good draw for us. The Brasilians are among the strongest in the world, and even Australia will be able to make some surprises. Brazil has already beaten Norway in the league and has some leading names in the team like the champion Marta. I said before the draw that we had set a goal, and that is to win a medal!

It is a great responsibility when we look at the teams we face and we have the time to prepare ourselves by doing hard work and play a world attack. As Landsem says, "we are not going to lose". Sometimes it happens, but we hope to avoid it. Hard to say, but certainly ours is a formation of girls difficult to beat.

The draw has made us happy and I hope all Norwegian football fans will be happy with us. Germany, we are coming!

by Rena Elhmedi for

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