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norvegia_thumb_medium180_103Cecilie Pedersen is the new Norwegian star. You started the dream of winning for 2-0 on Ukraine. For 90 minutes Norway managed the match and now they are qualified for the World Cup next summer.

Pedersen's goal came just after six minutes. The game continued in a one-way direction with the Norwegian domain. Despite the amount of occasions only the Solveig Gulbrandsen experience had the honor of scoring the second goal. "The team has been brilliant and played hard all the time," said Mr. Eli Landsem. "
It is really important to be in the world and once in Germany there will be the title to be played. This is very important for years to come. Now there will be a good party, "Landsem said, jumping for joy.

It is 15 years that Norway does not win the World Cup. Now we will try again - this time with the young Cecilie Pedersen (20) as a striker. Anything can happen with this young talent in the team. From the first touch Pedersen showed that there are big qualities inside his slim body with the long blonde ponytail. He impressed the speed, the game vision and the good shot.

Norway played offense from start to finish but it was Pedersen who really impressed Nadderud.

Most of the chances went to Lene Mykjåland, who lost more chances to score. At half time he could have scored 4 networks. "She did not succeed today, but she has the merit of being in the right place to create the" opportunity, Landsem said.

The 2011 World Cup could be an exciting championship for Norwegian women.

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