Tuesday, April 28, 2015
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Balls in the face between FFC Turbine Potsdam and FCC Frankfurt

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Kemmy Taoba's madness raptus that responds to an opponent's provocation with a ball in the face. The referee's reaction does not wait: red. Removed the enemy, foiled the fight!

The desire to win and the heat played a big joke in the big match between FFC Turbine Potsdam against FCC Frankfurt. Kemmy Taoba, responds to the provocation of an opposing player with a tete-à-tete that is unbelievable. The Taoba, in order to pass the ball to a teammate from the lineout, is hampered by Kerstin Garefreke who, from close range prevents her from finding space for the passage and, in response, she gets a nice straight ball in face.

Immediate intervention of the referee who interposes between the two, blocking the immediate response of the Garefreke who remained on the ground after the blow immediately, would certainly have found the strength to react to the "slap" received certainly in a way, just as cute. A red card, has calmed the minds ... so to speak!

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