Thursday, January 12th
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Tournament of the Regions

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Lombardy beat Piedmont VA on penalties, Emilia Romagna outperformed Tuscany. Final unpublished with the girls of Cecilia Cristei who will defend the title of 2013.
The champions in charge of Lombardy will defend the title against Emilia Romagna. The challenge will be played tomorrow at the 10.30 in Pasiano di Pordenone. The Lombard girls have won the pass for the finals by beating a tough leathery Piedmont Valle d'Aosta who had resumed the match with the Deborah Soragni network, in response to the advantage signed by Elena Ghidini. The disk smiles to the Lombards who win for 6-5. Lombardy is the region that, together with Veneto, has won the title several times in the category counting in its palmares 7 hits, the last in the 2013 season. Emilia Romagna, which has never won a women's trophy (in the medal count has only one title with the juniors and two with the students), arrives in the final surpassing for 1-or Tuscany. It is Nausica Costantini, midfielder of Daino Mondaino, the network that decides the semifinal match.

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Toscana show, Emilia Romagna on penalties, confirmed by Lombardy and Piedmont VA
The Tuscans, a real surprise of the tournament, prevail over Lazio and won the semi-final with great merit. In the second half the turn of the race with the Tuscans who pass three times and close the game before the goal of the Lazio flag.
The Sicily-Emilia Romagna meeting ends with inviolate networks. Serve the penalties to decree the semifinalist with Emilia Romagna that does not make mistakes and passes the turn.
The champions in charge of Lombardy struggle but then spread to Trento for 4 to 1, confirming protagonists of the tournament.
The Campania resists for the first half hour of the race but then must yield to the Piedmontese incursions that three times shake the opponent's net, confirming itself as one of the strongest formations of the national scene.
And now everyone is ready for the semi-finals that propose Tuscany vs Emilia Romagna and the big match between Lombardy and Piedmont, redemption match of the final of the last edition.
Four teams that have won the semi-finals with goals and a good game, ready to compete for the prestigious final that is worth the scepter of the strongest.
Who win the best!

Quarterfinals results
Lazio-Tuscany 1-3, Sicily-Emilia R. 4-5 dcr (0-0), CPA Trento-Lombardy 1-4, Campania-Piedmont VA 0-3

Quarter finals


Networks: 7 'st Fossi, 11' st Bengasi, 32 'st Fossi, 37' st Chiodetti (L).
Lazio: De Angelis, Carrarini, Chiodetti, Di Cerbo, Filippi, Fortunati, Ietto, Pisa, Silvi, Valbona, Verro. Available Bonjean, De Vincenzo, Di Duca, Di Fazio, Monti, Pagano, Paniccia, Passari, Tedesco. All. Caprari.
Tuscany: Sacchi F., Aliaj, Benghazi, Buracchi, Carrozzo, Del Francia, Fossi, Gavagni, Mariani, Rizzato. Available Sacchi A., Bonacchi, Briccolani, Di Fiore, Ferrini, Picciafuochi, Lo Vecchio, Maddaloni, Manganiello, Orlandi. All. Maccari.
Notes: De Vincenzo (L), Buracchi (T).

Sicily: Manno, Trassari, Di Mauro, Intravaia, Baron, Milazzo, May, Cucchiara, Catanzaro, Cantone, Guardino; at disp. Rigaglia Calanna Valenti Lombardo Fabio Tomasello Genovese Vitale Guadagno; All. Osman
CF Emilia Romagna: Lenzini, Costantini, Gobbi, Tardini, Corradini, Gargan, Ierardi, Grenzi, Faragò, Spazzoli, Prati; at disp. Monticelli Halitjaha Bass Burani Bursi Boselli Poluzzi Orlandini Lenzi; All. Geri
Notes: ammonite Guardino and Di Mauro (S); scoring penalty Manno (S) goal, Grenzi (E) goal, Rigaia (S) goal, Tardini (E) goal, Maggio (S) goal, Halitjaha Atdhetare (E) goal, Pole guard, Costantini (E) goals, Corradini ( E) goal

NETWORKS: 20 'pt, 28' st Antwi (L), 3 'st Lacchini (L), 17' st Dauriz (T), 19 'st Benincaso (L)
TRENTINO: Larentis, Bertoldi, Casapu (8 'st Pacchioli), From the Santa, Dauriz (28' st Visintainer), Erlicher, Frisinghelli, Groff, Marmentini (21 'st Stedile), Pellegrini (1' st Branz), Pojer (28 'St Fuganti). All. Rossi
LOMBARDY: Cattaneo (34 'st Visentini), Antwi, Belloni, Benincaso, Biffi, Gatti (10' st Angarano), Ghidini (29 'st Foti), Lacchini, Pasquariello (21' St Di Muro), Straniero, Vaghi. All. Vizza
NOTES: Ammoniti Dauriz (T)

NETWORKS: pt 26 'Marsili, 33' Anselmo; st 27 'Guzzone.
PIEDMONT VDA (4-2-3-1): Malosti; Guzzone, De Nicolò, Vallotto (29 'St Rigolino), Anselmo; Zignone (11 'st Lupi), Antonietti; White, Marsili (31 'st Gastaldo), Mellano (26' st D'Ambrosio); Soragni (16 'st Levis). All. Panigari.
CAMPANIA (4-3-2-1): Iodice (28 'st During); Spigno, Olivieri, Gaudio, Piegari (25 'St Di Simino); Esposito (35 'St Cremona), Taddeo, Del Del Prete (33' pt C. Ciccarelli); Petraglia (7 'st Carratù), Volpe; V. Ciccarelli. All. Marino.
REFEREE: Della Gaspera di Gorizia (Bearzotti di Mortegliano and Zotti di Cormons.
NOTES: ammonia Spigno (C).

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Campania, CPA Trento, Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Lombardy, Piedmont, Sicily and Tuscany have brilliant access to the quarterfinals.

The elimination phase closes with the surprise exclusion of the Veneto, forced to cede the pass to Tuscany and Campania. The Tuscans, in particular, have been protagonists of an overwhelming journey. The victory that decided the classification, just against the Veneto, came after a virtually perfect first half with three goals signed by Mariani, Del Francia and Fossi. Excellent performance also of the bells of Mr. Geppino Marino (former coach of the Carpisa Napoli records) who easily pass Liguria for 4-0 and gain a historical qualification.

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Qualify Piedmont Valle d'Aosta and Lazio. The Campania of mister Marino also blocks Tuscany. Goleada of Emilia Romagna which is confirmed among the favorites in the title.
Show and an avalanche of goals have marked the pace of the 2 ^ day of competitions in football in pink. In the groups of 3 teams from Piedmont Valle d'Aosta and Lazio (group E) already celebrate the passage of the turn by virtue of the victories gained in the debut races. Friuli Venezia Giulia was arithmetically eliminated.

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Piedmont avalanche on Friuli, win the champions of Lombardy against Sicily, Campania stops Veneto on the same with regret for the victory missed.
In group A, Tuscany prevails over Liguria for 3 to 0 with the networks of Sacchi, Mariani and Fossi. Balanced the race between Veneto and Campania that manages to block the favored Veneto and regrets the lack of victory. A promising debut for the girls from Campania at today's 16 if they see it with the Tuscan, while the Veneto challenge the bottom of Liguria. Ranking: Tuscany 3, Veneto and Campania 1, Liguria 0

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