Wednesday, August 21 2019
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Ricci Maccarini's girls beat the champions in charge of Lombardy. Giusy Faragò's network decides the match.
The reigning champions take to the field with the desire to replicate the victory in Sardinia of the last edition. The forum of the "Sergio Pase" of Pasiano di Pordenone is packed and happy and cheering for the two contenders is not lacking. Immediately grind game thanks to the offensive projections of Antwi, but the opponents did not arrive in the final by chance. In the first ten minutes Lenzini and his companions immediately put him in the clear. In the quarter of an hour Lombardy is close to the advantage. The suggestion from corner is not used properly by Biffi who misses the winning deviation face to face with Ierardi.

The Lombard pressure produces two set pieces and Corradini's warning is one of the effects. Emilia Romagna, however, does not show reverential fears and defends itself with order, indeed, at 24 'Tardini from the apex of the era unhooks a cross to the kiss for Faragò that hooks, turns and concludes. The intervention by Manuela Cattaneo is providential but does not hold back and risks the subsequent shooting of Spizzoli, walled by Vaghi. The first half is lively and sometimes too "male" where, some rough intervention of the players in the field, however, is not sanctioned by Daneluz who prefers a style of management more "Anglo-Saxon", after all the stakes are high. Very occasional Emilia Romagna around the 35 ', when Tardini, has the ball of one to zero but touches the post to the left of the extreme Lombard defender. The team of Enzo Vizza tries with quick restart to close the first fraction finding the game that can unlock the match. From one of these, derives the second yellow card against the formation of Emilia Romagna, Faragò stops the Belloni on the right wing but the entry is decomposed. In the remaining few minutes, some Lombard lunge but the defense of Mr. Maccarini rejects. At the resumption of the "hostilities" it is still the Lombardy to search with insistence the network and within two minutes, Gatti, devours many as many clamorous occasions, not framing the door, now beaten goalkeeper. Three minutes later, at the 5 'of the second half, another opportunity. Ghidini is left alone in the area after a wrapping action of the companions that free her to shoot but the parade of Ierardi is from Champion's. The three dangers in sequence wake up the girls of Emilia Romagna who take back the midfield. Good play of Tardini and Faragò but the last step is often prey of the Lombard defense. Minute 11, is Francesca Ierardi's day. Ghidini receives, hooks the ball and kicks to the intersection. The trajectory is perfect, but the 12 number of Emilia Romagna, with a very nice athletic gesture, comes to us and saves its door. The answer is offered by the head of Costantini who turns off very close to the opposite side of Cattaneo. It's a number one game, evidently because at the 20 'Cattaneo performs the miracle in the low corner on a missile of the Grenzi from free kick. The race is pleasant and unpredictable thanks to the numerous reversals on the front. The girls feel the pressure of the flowing minutes and seem to pay in terms of lucidity in the last 11 meters. The cold shower for the reigning champions arrives at 10 minutes from the end due to an imperious headshot of the Faragò who, received a ball directly from a corner kick, inevitably pierces Cattaneo. Broken balance the audience heats up and enters the final phase. Lombardy accuses the blow and throws itself forward more with the heart than with the head while the girls of Emilia Romagna control and defend the precious advantage in every way conquering the Cup of the 53 ^ edition of the Tournament of the Regions delivered by the Secretary General of the National Amateur League, Massimo Ciaccolini. Big party for girls in blue uniforms. A victory fruit of character, patience and head, that of Faragò.

EMILIA ROMAGNA - Hierardi, Bursi, Gargan, Prati, Corradini, Costantini, Grenzi, Spazzoli, Faragò, Lenzini, Tardini. Available: Bassi, Burani, Poluzzi, Gobbi, Lenzi, Boselli, Halit Jaha, Monticelli, Orlandini. Coach: Ricci Maccarini.
LOMBARDIA - Cattaneo, Antwi, Belloni, Benincaso (34 'st Foti), Biffi, Gatti, Ghidini, Lacchini, Pasquariello (42' St Lusuardi), Straniero, Vaghi (36 'St Di Muro). Available: Angarano, Arnaboldi, Visentini, Grossi, Colombo. Coach: Enzo Vizzi.
Referee: Daneluz of Pordenone. Assistants Anzolin of Latisana and Pittelli di Tolmezzo.
Networks: 35 'st Faragò (ER)
Admissions: 16 'pt Corradini (ER), 36' pt Faragò (ER)


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