Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Lombardy-Piedmont VA in the final

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We answer immediately.It will be Lombardy-Piedmont VA the women's football final edition 2013, and maybe that's right. Two teams representing the tradition of the female movement. The epilogue will be all to be tasted, it is a very balanced challenge and often from a technical-tactical point of view. But let's take a step back and let's find out how the two teams have won this final. The revenge of the series should be served on a cold plate, this is the phrase that can summarize the epilogue of the semifinal Friuli VGLombardia the same as a year ago but this time with diametrically opposite outcome. In the last edition the Friulians had overcome the opponents on penalties this time the Lombardy has not had hesitation dominating the race in long and wide, the final result of 3-0 does not allow discussions. Match already in ice after 10 'with the Bergamaschi and the Troiani that have translated in goal the great amount of work of the companions. The race then slipped without gasps with the Lombards in complete control of the match. In the second half a cross was a prelude to the third goal of Bonacina. Disarming the ease with which Lombardy has conquered the final, illuminating the test of the small Bergamaschi, an outdoor peppers class' 97 that churns out assists and makes the same disarming ease. The other semifinal was of a completely different tenor between two teams who had a crazy desire to return to the women's football after a short break. The strength of Veneto and Piedmont VA produced a stall jump to the 33 'of the first half when the Arroyo with stubbornness marks the advantage for his. The Savoy seem to move at ease without running particular dangers but football is strange and unpredictable, sometimes cruel. Twenty minutes from the end, Dal Pastro chooses the right time for the insertion and returns the Venetian in the race. The blow is strong for the Piedmontese, there is little reaction and both teams are so afraid of seeing the finish just one step so we go to the penalties that reward the nerves of the Piedmont, decisive the penalty made by Zignone.


Semifinal results

Friuli VG-Lombardia 0-3

Piedmont VA-Veneto 1-1 (4-2 dcr)

Final - So in the field on Friday 29 March (10: 30): Lombardy-Piedmont VA (Sestu)

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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