Tuesday, May 26 2020
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Comment, results and rankings of the first day

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Confirmation for Lazio and Piedmont, surprise for Bolzano and Trento 113772-3

In the 1 group, Abruzzo, after the good performance of the last edition, attacked Bolzano with its head down, wasting too much punctually the soccer rule rewarded the Bolzano cynics who in the first half brought three feral shots with the Peer author of a hat-trick. In the other challenge Sardinia thanks to a vigorous trial stopped Friuli Venezia Giulia finalist of the last edition. A result that says a lot about the balance that reigns in this group. As in the last edition, the duel between Lazio and Piemonte VA has already started, and a mocking draw has been repeated in the same round (B) for the second year in a row. Start with a bang for the holders of the trophy, Lazio scored with Molise with a fat 9-0, result put on ice already in the first half with six centers. On the shields Martnovic and Narduzzi, authors of two triplets, Fiorella has twice inflated the net. The Piemonte VA immediately responded with a victory that could have been more round, just Tosetto's goal at the start of the race was enough to address the inertia of the match. The Piedmontese appeared determined and convinced in wanting to redeem themselves after the passage of the last edition. In Group C the first surprise emerges, the noble Lombardy and Sicily impact and the CPA Trento takes the opportunity to rise momentarily to the top of the rankings. The Lombardians have wasted too much hitting two woods, Sicily took advantage of it by taking the lead with the Fricano. Seveso's goal at the end of the first half prevented a punishment that would have been too severe for Osman's girls. In the other very hard-fought match the character of the Trentino prevailed who defended with their teeth a victory that is worth gold. Balance reigns in group D with the two battleships Toscana and Veneto that have canceled each other out. After a first study time in the second half, the women from Tuscany went straight ahead and then at 20, Rasetti equalized the bill. In the other group match everything happened in the first half, Emilia Romagna and Campania had an impact on 1-1, a hot pannicello for two representatives who were still burned due to the elimination of the group in the last edition despite two regions where the women's soccer is in excellent health.


Results First Day

Pool A

Friuli Venezia Giulia-Sardinia 1-1

Abruzzo-CPA Bolzano 0-3

Ranking: CPA Bolzano 3 points, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Sardegna 1, Abruzzo 0

On the field tomorrow (h 10: 30): Sardinia-Abruzzo (Monastir), CPA Bolzano-Friuli Venezia Giulia (Muravera)

Pool B

Lazio-Molise 9-0

Liguria-Piedmont Valle d'Aosta 0-1

Ranking: Lazio and Piedmont Valle D'Aosta 3 points, Liguria and Molise 0

Tomorrow (h 10: 30): Molise-Liguria (S. Antioco), Piedmont Valle d'Aosta-Lazio (Teulada)

Pool C

Lombardy-Sicily 1-1

Umbria-CPA Trento 1-2

Ranking: CPA Trento 3 points, Lombardy and Sicily 1, Umbria 0

Tomorrow (h 10: 30): Sicily-Umbria (Bari Sardo), CPA Trento-Lombardia (Cardedu)

Pool D

Tuscany-Veneto 1-1

Emilia Romagna-Campania 1-1

Ranking: Campania, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany and Veneto 1

On the pitch tomorrow (h 10: 30): Campania-Veneto (Santa Giusta), Tuscany-Emilia Romagna (Barumini)

Source: http://www.lnd.it/torneodelleregioni/

Enrico Manassero
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