Monday, August 19 2019
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Continue the march of girls participating in the U15 Regional Representative Tournament for Women organized by the Youth and Scholastic Sector.
In fact, the third stage of the preliminary phase of the tournament ended with the regions in the north-east: South Tyrol, Emilia Romagna, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Trentino and Veneto.
The tournament races, which took place in the splendid setting of the sports facility of the sports club Sas Casarsa in Casarsa della Delizia, in Friuli Venezia Giulia, determined that the final phase of the tournament, which will take place in Cervia and Cesena from the 26 June at the 3 July, will be Emilia Romagna and Veneto (due to the victory in the direct clash with Alto Adige, finished on equal points in the final classification).

The situation

The Tournament takes place in two phases, a first interregional preliminary phase, which is carried out through 4 groupings composed of 5 teams each, and a second final phase in which the best 8 teams participate (2 representing each group).
The event is reserved for the Regional Female Representatives of the U.15 category, from which are selected 36 players who will participate in the internship dedicated to them in the month of July. A significant experience lived in the last 10 years by many young players, which allowed the national women's teams to build the national youth teams and grow many girls in their sporting path, up to dress the blue shirt.

1 group
Liguria-Sardinia 1-0; Piedmont-Lombardy 1-3; Tuscany-Piedmont 3-0; Lombardy-Liguria 2-0; Tuscany-Sardinia 4-2; Piedmont-Liguria 0-1; Sardinia-Lombardy 0-3; Tuscany-Liguria 2-2; Piedmont - Sardinia 2-0; Lombardy-Tuscany 2-1.
Ranking: Lombardy 12, Liguria and Tuscany 7, Piedmont VA 3, Sardinia 0.
Qualified: Lombardy and Liguria.

2 group
Trentino - Friuli VG 1-1; Veneto-Alto Adige 6-1; Emilia R.- Trentino 3-2; Alto Adige-Friuli VG 3-1; Veneto-Emilia R. 0-1; Trentino - Alto Adige 0-2; Friuli VG- Emilia R. 1-2; Trentino- Veneto 1-3; South Tyrol - Emilia R. 1-1; Friuli VG - Veneto 2-2
Ranking: Emilia Romagna 10, Veneto 7, South Tyrol 7, Friuli VG 2, Trentino 1.
Qualified: Emilia Romagna and Veneto.

3 group
Marche - Abruzzo 1-0; Umbria - Lazio 2-2, Lazio - Campania 0-0; Abruzzo - Umbria 1-0; Campania - Marche 0-2; Lazio - Abruzzo 1-1; Campania - Abruzzo 0-1; Marche - Umbria 3-0; Umbria - Campania 2-1; Lazio - Marche 1-1
Ranking: Marche 10 Points, Abruzzo 7, Lazio Umbria 4, Campania 1.
Qualify: Marche and Abruzzo.

4 group
Scheduled the 4 and 5 June in Monopoli
Participants: Basilicata, Calabria, Molise, Puglia and Sicily.

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