Friday, February 21 2020
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Baldi (Mozzanica) scores and drags Lombardy to the triumphal victory against Emilia Romagna.

MONTEPULCIANO - The girls under 15 of the women's tournament for regional representatives are protagonists in Montepulciano on the final day of the national football finals FIGC - Youth and Scholastic Sector. At the Bruno Bonelli stadium, the title is won by the selection of Lombardy, which overtakes the Emilia Romagna team in the final: 1-0 the score set by the network of Sara Baldi who scores with a shot from the outside in the first third of the match. In the vibrant challenge for the 3 ° and 4 ° place, Lazio had instead adjusted the Marche for 4-2, at the end of a race conducted on both fronts with competitive intensity and technical ability.

In the decisive meeting between Lombardy and Emilia Romagna they face each other in a balanced encounter, full of emotions and pleasant games, even though they lack networks. The Lombard girls manage with ease the advantage obtained in the first phase, managing to make themselves even dangerous with accelerations that break the plots of a well organized Emilia Romagna, but not very effective in the final phase.
Surprisingly, on the whole, the football quality of a tournament that is demonstrating the progress of the national women's movement. Enrico Sbardella, coach of the National under 17 who won the podium at the last World Cup, declares all his appreciation for the technical standards that have emerged: "Beautiful event: the technical level has certainly grown compared to the beginning; further evolution will come from this Tournament when we will let the girls' creativity be freely expressed, leaving them entertained avoiding excessive tactics. "
In the other matches, the Veneto gets the fifth place by beating for Sicily 3-1 which then closes sixth. Settimo the players of Piedmont and Val d'Aosta who win for 2-1 against Puglia. The national secretary, Patrizia Recandio, together with Giancarlo De Sisti and Comunardo Niccolai, rewarded the girls and greeted the large audience of parents and friends.

Lombardy-Emiglia Romagna: 1-0 (Baldi14 'pt)

Brevi, Bonfantini, Coda, Del Viscio, Fadini, Baldi, Gilonna, Longo, Manfron, Merlo, Nervi, Pini, Panzeri, Regazzoli, Valente, Zucchelli.
Emilia Romagna:
Giorgi, Botti, Brignoli, Casadio, Costantino, La Rocca, Imprezzabile, Magnani, Minelli, Muratori, Obeng, Lauria, Orsi, Rodriguez, Santoro, Semprini.

Montepulciano, 29 June 2014

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