Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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8 ° City of Aosta Trophy

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The Valdostana Amateur Sports Association organizes for the eighth consecutive year the Città di Aosta Trophy, renamed La Piazza 2018 - I Memorial Maicol Castelnuovo.
In a magnificent setting like Piazza Émile Chanoux, the central square of Aosta, for over a decade there is a three-day sport, aggregation, entertainment, entertainment and music.

Specifically, two 5 soccer fields in synthetic grass, equipped with nets, protection barriers, were set up and illuminated in the historical center of Aosta, to give life to 30 hours of games. The program has scheduled the start of the games in the early afternoon of Friday going on until Sunday evening, the day of the final. The games have been periodically suspended to make room for performances, music, presentations, awards and more. The ASD Valdostana did not stop here, because after the first few years of "running in" the event was slowly enlarged. From football only to 5 has gone to join various performances (zumba, pole dance, etc.), music (with a real console installed in the center of Piazza Émile Chanoux), make-up children, soccer freestyler, coming up to organize a parallel event that has interested lovers and fans of Street Basket!

Huge pride is the live management of the event through the dedicated site. The results are updated in real time on the tablets held by the Heads of Staff Fields, sent to the site that manages them by automatically creating the calendar, the rankings and the creation of future meetings!

During the event on Saturday 30 June and Sunday 1 July 2018 will be held the women's tournament in its third edition.
It will be articulated with a preliminary phase from the 14 to the 23 on Saturday and a final phase from the 14 on Sunday (the organization reserves the right to change the timetable, but NOT the days depending on the registration). Participation in the competition is FREE!

Teams coming from outside the valley will have the opportunity to stay in our partner hotels at advantageous prices.
All players must COMPULSORY be in possession of the competitive medical certificate (with electrocardiogram under stress).

For info and registration:

Beppe 3488055227
Sophie 3408259710

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