Sunday, 21 July 2019
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Serie B news

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Last day of the women's Serie B championship that issued its verdicts last Sunday. At the Orobica the victory of the group and the possibility to play the play-off for the passage in Serie A, Inter and Milan qualified for the next series B recently passed to the FIGC. For the Women's Torres after the success in the derby with the Caprera comes the direct clash for the ninth position in the standings.

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CF Florentia will face Roma Calcio Femminile in the first round of the playoffs for the promotion in Serie A. The match between CF Florentia and Roma Calcio Femminile will be played in a one-way race: Saturday 19 May 2018 at 15.00 at a Sports Center Federal of Emilia Romagna, yet to be defined.

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The terrible freshman wins the thirteenth win of the season and rises to 45 points, Riceci & Company unleash a good test in the presence of Pordenone, exciting match in which there were no lack of goals, to pull the local Biancazzoni frog leader and an incontinable Esposito. The Riccione starts well with some sorts of Fratini and Russarollo. The match is unblocked at the 12 ': launch for Fratini, the goalkeeper Ferin gives the advantage back to Schiavo and opens the door for the same striker Riccionese who carries on the ball and deposited in the net with an empty net.

Rating: 5 / 5

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With the Roma Calcio Women's League Mathematician in the play-off and spectator shift, as he observed the rest, the match of the day's sign is the one that went on stage at the "Salaria Sport Village" where, in the end, it is the Chieti Calcio Femminile (mission accomplished) against the Rome Decimoquarto of Gagliardi.



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