Tuesday, July 23 2019
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Serie B news

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Beautiful sunny day in Bolzano for the last race of the season that sees the Castelvecchio (with his head already on vacation and with a few less holders) face the landlord Unterland Damen. Bolzanine immediately dangerous on the second corner kicked by Muco head jumps Menegoni ball out of little.

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Last home joy for Vicenza that beats 2-0 Bologna and wins the 5 ^ victory in this round of return.
Not brilliant performance of the Biancorosse who suffer for most of the match the initiatives of the opponents, more active and very dangerous in a couple of occasions. But the girls resist and hit in the final: at 79 'Frighetto signs the 1-0 and 5' later Missiaggia closes the accounts by making the white and red public explode with joy.

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More than a game, it was a catwalk. The Romagnano is dismissed from the Serie B championship with an internal draw against Torino that interrupts the three consecutive losing streak.

Rating: 5 / 5

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Last round of the regular season and then there will be the play-offs for Roma Calcio Femminile (62), involved in the derby against Roma Decimoquarto: the match-highlight of the day (47). In the first leg, he ended up with a successful only measure for the eleven of Piras (1-2) but, this time, the girls of Gagliardi (third in the standings) need a success to keep the category and keep at a distance the Chieti (fourth, to -2 right from the XIV) fixed 2.



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