Saturday, 07 December 2019
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the City of Falconara falls to the PalaBadiali against Lazio

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Falconara squandering, Lazio on the ball and pushed by a devastating Vanessa. The raptors derby, the Citizens hawk and the Roman eagle, are won by the Chilelli girls who break out of the PalaBadiali. Strike in the hangar of via dello Stadio that failed to Lazio from 2015. Yesterday's race reflected the tradition of previous matches. Beautiful, vibrant, played openly and always in the balance. Sparkling first time since the opening bars. Ferrara warms up Tirelli's hands a couple of times but Lazio is the first to pass.

At the 4 'enters Vanessa who immediately stamps the card with a missile from the distance. Cold-hit hawks. After a double miracle of Dibiase on Grieco, the blue women shake and increase the pressure. Pato must juggle in the Lazio defensive cage but at the first opportunity, served by Nona, he is frightening when he hits the crossbar. A minute later it was Tirelli's miracle that denied him the joy of scoring, while on the following corner he didn't reach the ball in time despite his excellent position in the area. Nona and Luciani enchant the PalaBadiali around the 10 '. The Catalan with a fake takes out a couple and part on the counterattack, the captain receives, attracts the goalkeeper and then returns to the partner but the goal remains a cry strangled in the throat of the spectators for the rescue in slip of Grieco, providential for his . Always Nona in percussion you gain the punishment that Pato transforms into a second bar after the first had been rejected by the barrier. We go to the locker rooms on the 1-1 and the parity remains unchanged for a long time in the second half. Pato has a couple of chances but goes high in the first and centers his second side of the day in the other. Goal touched, goal conceded.

Taninha pulls from the outside, Dibiase (previously super on the usual magic of Vanessa) does not hold back and Grieco undersized takes advantage of it. The Citizens blame. Lazio could stretch to 15 'with Beita in the area but Dibiase and Pascual are on the line. The celestial ones take advantage of it however when Mr. Neri inserts the fifth of movement. Pressing high, zero spaces allowed. Vanessa takes advantage and extends it to an empty door. Immediately afterwards, on a free throw awarded after the fifth foul by the home players, he created the 1-4. At 17 seconds from the siren Captain Luciani makes the final score in a duet with Pato less round. "Today's defeat - comments coach Neri at the end - must make us rosicare because we also learn from these situations. I immediately expect a redemption from the next match in Florence against the leather goods. Especially in the first half I saw a good game like it to me, with so many chances to score but we didn't manage to put the game in the right channels and we paid for it, in the presence of a Lazio that is a very respectable team and that, due to the results, has come here with the poisoned tooth "Today we faced new difficulties, problems that we will have to overcome as a team with work and play."


City of Falconara 2
Lazio 4

Falconara: Dibiase, Pascual, Luciani, Ferrara, Dal'maz, Guti, Ciferni, Nona, Bernotti, Brugnoni. Herds Blacks.

Lazio: Tirelli, Barca, Beita, Vanelli, Pinheiro, D'Ambrosio, Benvenuto, Agnello, Taninha, Grieco, Vanessa, Scarcella. Chilelli All.

Networks: 4'10 '' pt Vanessa (L), 11'31 '' Dal'maz (F); 12'40 '' st Grieco (L), 16'40 '' and 17 'tl Vanessa (L), 19'43' 'Luciani (F).

Notes: ammoniite Luciani (F), Vanelli (L), Guti (F), Pinheiro (L).

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