Friday, February 28 2020
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San Marino Academy, change the technical staff of the first team

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Formally and informally closed - with the dinner team last night - the training season of the San Marino Academy participating in the last Serie B women's championship, is time of evaluation and planning for the immediate future. Examinations that led executives to opt for a change at a technical level, oriented mainly in the direction of ensuring renewed stimuli and impulses to the environment, for which it was necessary a shock that can lay the foundation for a new and important season.

As have been the last two, Fabio Baschetti, who married the San Marino women's football project from Spring - led until January 2017 - and up to the first team, which led to the salvation to the debut in the Serie B Championship. Objective that this year has escaped the biancoazzurre, however able to break through 50 points and to close to the fifth place the Group C; performances that in a "normal" tournament would have led to a triumphal vintage closing, but that in the pre-reform season - with only three available salvage slots - ended up sending the San Marino Academy to the doors of its first Interregional championship.

"The motivations that led us to mature the choice to change - underlines the Federal Manager of the Women's Sector, Corrado Selva - are certainly not of a technical nature. The results were not lacking and we closed the championship in fifth place with over fifty points won. Even with great regret, we opted to set up a new technical staff with the main intent to give a strong shock to the environment and the group, bringing new stimuli thanks to the inclusion of new professional figures, all with a view to creating enthusiasm around this project and increase the technical level - but also of attention - of the girls ".

In addition to Fabio Baschetti, also Giancarlo Cinni (Goalkeeper's trainer) and Stefano Berti (Athletic trainer) leave the technical staff of the first women's team: "both sincerely and sincerely thank you for the long militancy - comments Selva - and for the invaluable contribution that for many years, through their technical knowledge and great professionalism, led to the movement of San Marino women's football. It is only thanks to the contribution of people like them, if women's football has been able to grow so much and so quickly in San Marino ".

The management is already working to structure the technical staff to entrust the short-term future of the San Marino Academy in the 2018-2019 women's inter-regional championship.

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