Monday, March 30 2020
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The ROMA football female awaits or plau-off

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Roma women's football, mathematically before four days, takes the second seasonal defeat. The Decimoquarto played the permanence in B, the Rome with the head perhaps already thinking about the play-offs for the series A, the motivations have made the difference in the field. Yet Rome has tried and created several occasions unfortunately vainly cynically under the door or blocked by the excellent goalkeeper of the Decimoquarto, Quartullo.

Mister Piras has to do without a few players who are not in excellent condition such as Visentin and Monaco, as well as Casaroli, Capparelli, Sclavo, Pisano, Cacchioni, Morra, Lorè, Pedullà, Proietti, Tumbarello and Weithofer.

The match:
The match begins and Casaroli immediately gives a free-kick from the Decimoquarto by the trocar. At the 5 'minute is Roma with Pisano who pulls in goal, the goalkeeper para. The visiting team desperately needs the 3 points and pushes, so at 20 'goes ahead with Fortunati on the passage of Forgnone. The Roma, which in this league has only cashed 13 goal is not there and immediately seeks a draw at 23 'with Lorè, his shot but ends out. After just one minute, a free kick by Proietti ends up after the goalkeeper Quartullo para after a yellow card action created by a corner. The actions follow each other: At the 31 'pull up from good position Pedullà. At the 35 'Weithofer crossa, but Morra comes in late by a deflection for the detour, then insidious shot of Pedullà saved. So ends the first half with the Giallorossi under a goal.

At the beginning of the second half Piras made two changes: outside Tumbarello and Cacchioni, inside inside Conte and Berarducci that immediately became dangerous, but Quartullo para. Another double replacement for Rome: Pedullà and Weithofer come out and O'Neill and De Angelis enter. Roma are looking for a draw and another shot by Proietti goes out of the way. Piras takes advantage of the last change at his disposal by inserting Vigliucci for Sclavo. At 35 'Proietti is still trying, but his shot is high. The Decimoquarto, which seeks the network of tranquility, is often dangerous especially with Fortunati. We remember the great recovery of Capparelli on Fortunati launched on the Net and shortly after the parade in the corner of Casaroli always on Lucky's shot that then forced her to an exit on the feet.

Reacts Roma with a free-kick by Vigliucci, but it breaks on the barrier. Overturning in front and Casaroli still has to intervene on Fortunati's feet. For the Giallorossi also tries Pisano, but his shot ends outside as well as the next shot of Captain Morra.
The minutes pass, Rome pushes forward and struggles, but can not find the way to the goal. For the playoff for the Serie A with the Florentia will serve a more concrete Rome.

The appointment for the most important match of the season that will be the promotion in Serie A is in fact for Saturday 19 May at 15: 00 at the Delfino Training Center in Pescara, home of the coach of the Rome Eusebio di Francesco that through the employee the red-and-whites' press makes a big "good luck" to the capitoline.

As usual, our photos are by the photographer Grazia Menna

Mariella Quintarelli

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