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The Fortitudo stopped by Trento celebrates the stay in Serie B FIGC

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In the last championship, after having reached the mathematical certainty of being in the national series B next season, the Fortitudo ends with a draw his adventure in series B 2017 / 18. The Fortitudo is strong with the usual raids of Martani and Gelmetti, then find the goal of the advantage at 17 ': Gelmetti wins the penalty kick and lets it beat Martani, who transforms it and stretches into the scorers.

Only three minutes later it was Gelmetti who tried to double, but his shot was rejected by the goalkeeper on the crossbar. At 28 'the 2-0 arrives again with the XBLUM yellow-blue, which is launched by De Vincenzi and with a precise low shot the net, thus finding the personal double.

When now it seems that you are flying towards a downhill race here guests reopen the game: at the 31 'Tonelli shoots on the crossbar, but on the rebound comes Rosa, who anticipates Welbeck and pushes the ball into the net by finding the 2-1. Within three minutes two great occasions come for the girls of Bragantini, first with De Vincenzi and then with Carraro, but both kick off a little. At the 46 'Gelmetti signs yet another seasonal assist by serving Martani, who only has to support the ball of the 3-1.

In the second half Clarentia managed to reopen the match in five minutes: at the 15 'Rosa finds a great goal from the edge, with the ball that ends under the crossbar; at the 19 'draws the Tonelli accounts on penalties. To find the victory in front of his audience the Fortitudo tries with Peretti, who at the 21 'tries to score in turn but Valzolgher is able to save. At the 35 'to underline is the great intervention of Venturini, who is in front of his door Brunello undisturbed and can repel the shot and run out of the area to remove the ball.

At the 39 'Fortitudo scored the fourth goal with Boni, but the assistant calls an extremely doubtful offside spoiling the return of the yellow-blue veteran's goal and the victory of Fortitudo in front of his audience. Victory does not come, but there is the joy of having conquered the goal and having finished an unforgettable season. Another positive note: the Gialloblù striker Martani, with 26 goal, wins the scorer classification of group C.

Networks: 18 'pt Martani (R), 28' pt Martani, 31 'pt Pink, 46' pt Martani, 15 'st Rosa, 19' st Tonelli (R).

Fortitudo Mozzecane: Venturini, Fasoli (29 'st Rotondo), Welbeck (18' st Caliari), Lords (1 'st Pecchini), Salaorni, Marconi, De Vincenzi (10' st Boni), Carraro, Martani, Caneo, Gelmetti ( 15 'st Peretti).
Available: Olivieri, Caliari, Bonfante, Pecchini, Peretti, Boni, Rotondo.
Coach: Bragantini.

Clarentia Trento: Valzolgher, Ruaben, Lenzi (6 'st Busarello), Lucin (12' st Varrone), Dapra (27 'st Antolini), Fuganti (48' st Biasioli), Brunello, Rosa, Rovea (40 'st Maurina) , Chierchia, Tonelli.
Available: Valenti, Busarello, Maurina, Biasioli, Antolini, Varro.
Coach: Pavan.
Referee: Campagni (Florence).
Assistants: Vecchi, Lavarini (Verona).
Notes: ammonite Marconi, Boni, Rosa, Salaorni.

Riccardo Cannavaro
Photo: Graziano Zanetti Photographer
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