Saturday, 25 January 2020
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Castelvecchio defeat in Bolzano celebrates the stay in Serie B

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Beautiful sunny day in Bolzano for the last race of the season that sees the Castelvecchio (with his head already on vacation and with a few less holders) face the landlord Unterland Damen. Bolzanine immediately dangerous on the second corner kicked by Muco head jumps Menegoni ball out of little.

A minute later the Trentine took the lead; second corner kick always beats Muco and Menegoni still heads the head that this time inflates the network. Yet another corner kick 6 'stands all alone head Pasqualini this time is good Pacini that blocks the ball.

Finally Castelvecchio comes out of his shell with his Bomber; minute 20 'Pastore gives in to Guidi and from twenty meters he shoots a missile that is printed on the pole to the left of the home goalkeeper.
Trentino counter-foot in the 14 '; Ernandes all alone in front of the goal kick and Pacini para.
Still Ernandes three minutes later strikes a nice blow to the left and again Pacini stretches and blocks the ball.
21 'Amaduzzi A. launches Vicini this makes a cross in the area x Guidi that is anticipated in high grip by Dallagiacoma home goalkeeper.

Great chance for the Romagnolo tie to the minute 28 '; fast exchange Deidda Pastore assist x Petralia, cross in the area where Guidi alone in front of the goalkeeper kicks weakly.
The goal comes a minute later by Deidda that inflates the network on a cross of Guidi from the right.
35 'Pasqualini tip bolzanina, is all alone in the center of the penalty area, on the ass of Muco kicks out.
Same action but with inverted doors to the 40 '; Deidda receives in the area a perfect cross from Zani but from a few meters in scissor kick over the crossbar.
The first time ends.

Shooting the Castelvecchio remembers to be one of the three promoted and begins to press the opposing area; at 52 'punishment beaten by Guidi from 25 meters the ball ends just outside; at the 55 'corner kick beaten by Deidda heel of Pastor for the goalkeeper in two stages; 61 '' umpteenth corner beat by Rossi ball that flies over the area but no one intervenes.
Minute 64 'counterattack Bolzanino excellent stop of Targa but the aim is wrong and kick to the side.
65 'big chance for the girls Romagna cross in the area of ​​Petralia for Rossi who from the left kick a waver and here is the good home goalkeeper with a great save that sends the ball into the corner.
Great fan of Amaduzzi M. from 30 meters, still para Dellagiacoma.
Battistini cross to the 75 'from the right for Guidi but is anticipated by the goalkeeper on the first post.
Four minutes later, Battistini kicks a fine shot from outside the box but ends up high.
85 'is played at a single door that of home, Bizzocchi 20 meters and still pulls Dellagiacoma makes a great save.
89 'area Castelvecchio, Zaouali touches the foot of Targa that falls in the area and the race director decrees the penalty. On the ball Ernandes gives Bolzano the lead.

What to say, once for the first one for the Bolzanines, the second for the Romagnole.
Yet another debut in Serie B by Battistini and Zaouali girls of that great yellow-green sector, the pride of Castelvecchio.

Markers: 03 'Menegoni (U), 29' Deidda (C), 89 'Ernandes (U) rigor.-

Dallagiacoma, Ernandes, Ferraris, Marmentini, Menegoni, Mucus, Pasqualini, Peer (57 'Targa), Settecasi, Turrini, Vuerich.
Demba available.
Massimo TRENTINI trainer

Pacini, Amaduzzi A., Guiducci, Amaduzzi M. (84 'Zaouali), Vicini (46' Battistini), Beleffi, Petralia (84 'Bizzocchi), Deidda (71' Comandini), Guidi, Pastore, Zani (46 'Rossi) .
Available to De Carli.
Coach Flavio VARCHETTA

Bolzano 13 May 2018
Press Secretary Castelvecchio Franco SCOLOZZI

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