Vicenza suffers and wins: Frighetto and Missiaggia put ko a good Bologna

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Last home joy for Vicenza that beats 2-0 Bologna and wins the 5 ^ victory in this round of return.
Not brilliant performance of the Biancorosse who suffer for most of the match the initiatives of the opponents, more active and very dangerous in a couple of occasions. But the girls resist and hit in the final: at 79 'Frighetto signs the 1-0 and 5' later Missiaggia closes the accounts by making the white and red public explode with joy.

Last of the championship between Vicenza and Bologna, game that does not decide anything and only serves the pride to close the year well.
Beginning of a balanced game but with the passing of minutes the opponents go up and start to hold the ball of the game.
At the 27 'progression of Cocchi from the left wing is centered and from the edge kicking a treacherous right, Dalla Via rejects short and Missiaggia slipped in a corner kick.

At the 30 'Rossoblu dangerous on the right and after a few fast triangulations Cocchi from the back serves back Sbrescia who arrives in tow a few steps from the small area but Dalla Via saves the door with a foot paratona.

Still Bologna near the 35 'advantage: great play of Sbrescia that with a fake dry dash into the area and kicking power still finding on its way a good dismissal of Dalla Via.

The Vicenza, after the high shot of Novello at the beginning of the game, kicks again "in door" at 43 ': the opposing defense loses ball to the 25 meters and Fortuna kicks in first goal but raising a bit' too much aim.

It goes to rest on the 0-0. The Bologna is not yet to lose points with Vicenza and in the second half continues to push, but his attacks are breaking on the Biancorossa defense.

At 56 'good play of Arcamone in the middle sombrero goes off to the right and kicks power, but the ball is central and Dalla Via blocks in two stages.
A few minutes pass and the n.1 Biancorossa saves again the result deflecting the great left of Rigaglia into the dive over the crossbar.
The clearest action for the Bolognese arrives at the 68 ': Biancorossa rearguard taken in counterattack with Minelli who is thrown to the right in the open field, controls the ball as soon as it enters the area, but with the right side and kick to the side.
Vicenza does not find the right spaces to hit and risks being crushed by an increasingly offensive Bologna. At half an hour, however, something clicks and the girls come out of the shell.
At the 76 'corner of Maddalena and after the header of Missiaggia, the ball is rejected outside the area where it is collected again by the Capitana who is well coordinated and the fly, but the ball is central and Lauria gets dirty gloves for the first time.

The episode that changes the game arrives at 79 '. Rigon retrieves a ball in midfield and serves deep for Silvia Pomi who is in offside: the defense of Bologna stops but the n.7 is disinterested in the ball and from behind comes as a train Frighetto advancing and just entered the area Lauria beats out.
The 1-0 gives a moral shock to Vicenza that also places the 2-0 after just 5 ': free kick from the trocar, Maddalena's brush stroke for Missiaggia that is smashed and anticipates Lauria low output with a lob. In the 6 Capitana's goal, the team's top scorer, 3 assist + 1 indirect are of the n.24: whatever happens to Maddalena, she will launch it and find Missiaggia among the lines. Always.

The Bologna seems to have deflated, does not create anything more dangerous and the whistle of the referee is Vicenza to celebrate.
Today's match was one of the very few in which "Vicenza has collected more than it has sown" (following the words of Mister Dori at the end of the match), unlike many other races closed with a defeat despite the good performance.
The 3 points are still the right reward for these girls who have worked hard and have improved a lot compared to the beginning of the year, as shown by the 5 victories in this round of return.
Unfortunately, the season ends here, we'll see each other in a few months when another new (and hopefully fantastic) year will start again. Thank you all: players, staff, fans and Vicenza force, always!


Vicenza Women's Soccer - Bologna FC 1909 2-0
Marking machines: 79 'Frighetto (V), 84' Missiaggia (V)


From the Via, Frighetto (81 'Lazzari), Calderaro (52' Balestro), Missiaggia (C), Pegoraro, Novello (49 'Maddalena), Pomi R., Rigon, Calandra, Fortuna, Stocchero (52' Pomi S.)
Available: Gouem, Ferrati

Lauria (86 'Benassi), Simone, Casile, Cocchi (C) (64' Antolini), Sbrescia, Rigaglia, Pacella, Abouziane (60 'Minelli), Arcamone (86' La Rocca), Marcanti, Gargan All. Cino Fabio

Referee: Maccarino Lorenzo (Arezzo)
Assistants: Visentin Giovanni and Longo Donato (Vicenza)
Recovery: 0 '; 4 '
v Vicenza Calcio Women's Press Office

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